Special Interview 02 Hayami Saori (Wako)


––Ms. HAYAMI, you’ve already seen a pre-screening, what did you think?

HAYAMI It was really intense, from beginning to end. First and foremost is moves really fast! (lol) The TV series moved pretty fast too, especially in the action scenes, but it’s even faster now. I saw the movie first thing in the morning, but it immediately blew away any feeling of drowsiness I had (lol).

––And Wako has a Galactic Pretty Boy costume now.

HAYAMI Yeah. Actually, I saw the design for the first time when we were recording for the radio show. I was there with Miyano (Mamoru) and we both exclaimed, “W-Wako!” when we saw it (lol). During the TV series we were always surrounded by other characters who had sexy components (lol), while Wako was always sort of simple in contrast, she almost had a boyish feel to her…. So when I saw her Galactic Pretty Boy costume, I thought, “this really brings out her feminine side!”

––After playing Wako again in the movie, what sort of impression do you have of her now?

HAYAMI She’s sorta broken free of the story so far, I think she’s pretty different from how she was in the TV series. I think Wako has an image of a lively, spirited girl. Especially in the beginning, but as the story progresses the circumstances around her change, she learns how Sugata feels about her and she gradually grows. Like, her heart has grown a few sizes or something. The movie in particular has a lot of scenes of Wako worrying, crying, and in pain. I think those scenes are really important to her character.

––Ms. Hayami, were there any scenes that left a particular impression on you personally?

HAYAMI The new parts for sure. And then in the middle with Wako’s new song.

––It’s quite a lovely song, isn’t it.

HAYAMI It’s really refreshing! (lol) It’s the kind of song that just makes you want to go to Hawaii or Paris or some place like that. Like, where the morning breeze comes through an open window, making lace curtains flutter about (lol). I think both the melody and lyrics reflect both Wako’s sparkling personality and her honest, straight-forward nature. You’ll have goosebumps throughout the whole movie, but please pay special attention to her song.

Special Interview 03
Fukuyama Jun (Sugata)


––You saw the film, so what did you think of it?

FUKUYAMA I thought it was a rather dense piece. During the screening I felt kind of exhausted* just looking at the screen, I guess you could say. Once it sucks you in the time goes by in a flash and you don’t even notice it. I think it’s a film that won’t betray the audience’s feelings. I hate to brag, but I think it was really interesting.

{*er, in a good way, I couldn’t think of a better way to phrase it, like, it’s jam-packed with stuff?}

––Mr. Fukuyama, which scenes caught your attention?

FUKUYAMA I think the part that completely drew me in was Mizuno and Marino’s story. That’s the point where, even as part of the TV series, the atmosphere is pretty different, and in the movie now, I think the way it was compiled, at least personally I found it very impressive… It felt like it pulled me right into the screen. While there’s certainly a wide variety of imagery [in the film], from Mizuno’s story on, it really sucks you in.

––You really can feel the drama of it in that part.

FUKUYAMA And, I really love the rapid-fire editing of the battle scenes in the beginning. Personally, it has a sort of, “don’t sweat the small stuff” type feel to it, and I really love it (lol). With Japanese animation, we always try to cover every little detail, but what’s really important is the overall shape of things. You can tell how much care was put into everything with Takuto, Wako and Sugata at the center along with the four Maidens’ stories at the center. There are playful sections-–and serious ones, like the Mizuno scenes I mentioned before, and there’s a clear contrast between them. All two and a half hours of it are just filled to the brim, it really made me think, “wow.”

––Alright then, lastly, why don’t you tell us about some scenes to look out for!

FUKUYAMA There are all sorts of little tidbits crammed into even the musical scenes, I think it’s a film where you can really dig into the corners and layers and keep finding things. For those unfamiliar with Star Driver, it’ll be pure fun. And for those already acquainted with the story, I think it’ll be the kind of movie that’ll make you want to go rewatch them both and compare. Oh and pay special attention to the characters’ clothes! Especially the new clothes Takuto wears in the new parts, with the Star Driver logo on the chest. I wonder, is that going to end up becoming a piece of merchandise? (lol) {Oh FukuJun, u so silly}

I hate to use the word “rant” because he’s not really angry about it, but anyway:



— 幾原邦彦 (@ikuni_noise) January 21, 2013

“How many books do you read a year?” That question tells me a lot about the people I’m working with.


— 幾原邦彦 (@ikuni_noise) January 21, 2013

Once, I was chatting with a young person who, “wants to be a screenwriter.” So I asked, “Any interesting book recommendations?” I was sure I was going to get a litany of popular light novel titles. But, he just responded, “I don’t read books.” I was shocked.


— 幾原邦彦 (@ikuni_noise) January 21, 2013

I’ve got something of a complex about the act of “reading books.” Because when I was in middle school, one of my classmates claimed to have read “200 books in a year.” I couldn’t stand him. I always believed, “the number of books you read is meaningless.” When I was in college, “a certain book” fell into my hands. (ctd.)


— 幾原邦彦 (@ikuni_noise) January 21, 2013

This book had some shocking contents. It changed the values I’d held up until then. And then I remembered, that that kid back in middle school had read it back then. I broke out into a cold sweat. He’d already experienced the same shock I’d just felt from it as a college student, in middle school? I have no contact with him now, so I have no idea if that’s significant at all. (ctd.)


— 幾原邦彦 (@ikuni_noise) January 21, 2013

But, I think this all stems from my impatience [to learn things I “wanted to] know” and [those I felt I] “must know.”


— 幾原邦彦 (@ikuni_noise) January 21, 2013

There was no way I could have just known that that book would change my life, I happened upon it. And thus my impatience. That sort of information was nowhere to be found on the internet…


— 幾原邦彦 (@ikuni_noise) January 21, 2013

And so, when I met a young person who, “wanted to be a voice actor,” and I asked, “Have you read any interesting books lately?” I got the response, “I don’t really read books.” It shocked me. I think being able to “interpret dialogue and stage directions” are critical skills for an actor. I think reading books is so important. Because when someone reads aloud, you’re getting their interpretation of the piece.

Oh, what’s this, me posting about Star Driver again? Anyway, this interview just went up on the movie site. Enjoy:

Special Interview 01

Miyano Mamoru (Tsunashi Takuto)

––Since you’ve just recently seen a preview screening of the film, could you give us your frank impression of it?

MIYANO I was really overwhelmed. It was so entertaining, and I got to see Star Driver again in movie form. To me, it’s kind of like [looking back on] my ‘youth.’ Like I really put my ‘youth’ in this series.

––So, Takuto himself aside, you put your ‘youth’ into it when you were playing him, huh.

MIYANO It was so dazzling I could barely make Takuto out (lol). During the climax, Wako has this line, “Maybe Takuto’s first phase is making everyone smile,” I think it’s something like that. Takuto worries and gets down in his own way, but everything about him just sparkles. He’s always honest and frank and never dwells on the past. I really felt that aspect of him in this film. Especially in the final scene, I was watching Takuto and I just started to tear up. Takuto’s radiance touched me and made my heart tremble, the tears just spilled out. I think it’s very powerful.

––We get a glimpse of Takuto a little more grown up in the new cuts.

MIYANO Getting to see a new side of everyone really made my heart pound. Like, “Wow! They’re in Shinjuku!” (lol). And that final scene is really impressive. It’s like, their story will still continue from here. When I thought, “They’ll carve out another, new story,” it made me want to meet Takuto and the others again. {I think it’s really cute how Miyano uses 会う re: Takuto}

––So, you’re interested in where Takuto and the others are headed from here on?

MIYANO In the last episode, [Takuto] said, “We’ll see a different, but even more amazing sky,” [there’s always] that ‘sky.’ Takuto’s lines that give voice to his convictions––like his “I can see it,” line and so on, I think those lines carry a really important message for us even in our regular lives. You can’t use magic to make your dreams come true, but you can cut open your own future if you hold those dreams tight and work toward them. It’s kind of a testament to that. I think that ‘sky’ that appears in the end is the embodiment of that positive energy.

––So, finally, please give a message to everyone eagerly waiting to see the movie.

MIYANO There are all sorts of things I want you to watch for, but ultimately, it’s “entertainment.” It’s a movie that’ll make you laugh and cry and feel refreshed when you finish watching it. So, everyone, don’t miss it. I think we should enjoy our ‘youth’ together. Let’s sing out our youths together!

Been posting about this all day on /a/, might as well consolidate everything in a post.

Ikuni tweeted the following yesterday:

@ikuni_noise: Has no one noticed yet? RT @lvdctv: I’m really concerned about how everyone’s going to react to “that,” but I guess we won’t know until tomorrow? ( ・(ェ)・ )

(Note: @lvdctv is Penguindrum’s producer.)

Turns out, a mysterious URL was included on one of the postcards in the goods pack the Penguindrum team is selling at Comiket right now: http://www.penguinbear.com/

This is all that’s on the site at the moment:

It’s pretty similar to the early Penguindrum splash sites. The text reads, “Find it without getting mixed up in that transparent/invisible storm.” Transparent/Invisible being one of those keywords from the show.

So what is Penguinbear? Your guess is as good as mine. This chunk of that one event report from shortly after the show ended might be relevant though:

One audience member asked: “Do you have any desire to remake Penguindrum with the same cast of characters, but completely gag or completely serious? What would it be about?”

(Personally, I took this as a question about whether there were any plans to produce a parallel story continuation type thing, lol)

Ikuhara: “I do.”
Audience: Zawa… zawa…
Ikuhara: “As far as what it’d be about….. that’s a secret *smirk*.”
Audience: WOAH

(Doesn’t it seem like a very Ikuhara-esq way to hint at a sequel? lol I think {the meat of} both the question and the answer was flying under the radar. The director’s a real entertainer.)

[EDIT] Koizumi just acknowledged the site through an RT. No one else on staff has mentioned it overtly yet. [EDIT2] Lol, he just undid it. I guess he wasn’t supposed to do that, haha.

Roommate happened to buy an issue of B’s-Log, so I figured I might as well post the HS segment.

This month the focus is on the “Lewd” side. Again, it’s a continuation of the True/Harem end from the original game (more general info here). The system for this section of the FD is the same as the original––you select the characters on the mansion map to trigger events/etc.

Ichinose’s blurb:

The Space-case Gardener: Ichinose Touya

The person in charge of the estate’s gardens. A not particularly expressive young man.

Tomoaki wants to see Ichinose embarrassed, so…
Since Ichinose has no issues being naked, Tomoaki’s solution to satiating his burning desire to harass him is, “put something on instead of taking it all off.”  How does Ichinose react upon looking at himself in the mirror after he’s been outfitted in a wig, lovely women’s lingerie and carefully applied makeup…? We didn’t get to see Ichinose crossdress in the original, but now we can!

CG text: “That’s not… Ichinose…!” {note: this is almost certainly Ichinose talking}

Sakuma’s blurb:

The Perfect Butler: Sakuma Kyouichi

An elite butler in charge of all the other servants in the estate. He has an earnest and obedient personality.

He’s making unreasonable requests of Sakuma to alleviate his built-up stress!?
Tomoaki’s started his fantasy life as master, but he’s been so busy every day it’s really stressing him out. On this rare holiday, Tomoaki takes the opportunity to relax by testing the limits of his butlers’ obedience. This time he makes the unreasonable request of Sakuma, “lick my armpit!” Naturally, the ever obedient Sakuma complies…

CG text: Absolute obedience to the master!?


Don’t feel like translating the interview with Tomoaki (yeah that’s actually the VA’s name, can’t be bothered to remember how to read his fake ass name) about the single right now, but I should note that the ‘cosplay’ he’s wearing in the recording session shots is apparently from Togo Mito himself, lol. (I’m like seriously convinced that Togo Mito is just mad gay for Maeno Tomoaki at this point.)


Lastly we have an interview with (and by, lol) Togo Mito about the “Lewd” side of the fandisk

Mr. Togo Mito does the customary self-interview for us. {I guess B’s Log can’t be assed to even provide their own questions? lol} This time, it’s about the “Lewd Side”:

Togo (T from here on): It sure has gotten warm again. It’s such a lovely day outside, but I almost never go outside, so that’s me, Togo Mito.

Mito (M from here on): But we do go out for walks sometimes, right? Togo Mito here too.

T: So, everyone, the Hadaka Shitsuji fandisk has been greenlit! This time we’ll be talking about the “Lewd” side.

M: In the “Lewd” side, the main character has overcome all sorts of bumps in the road to acquire the mansion and become the master for real! So in that sense, it’s a continuation of the “Naked Butler” end. So, I guess we’ll go from there.

T: Well, the “Lewd” side is after you get with the lewd butlers, so naturally it’s in that same vein.

M: In other words, Tomoaki’s gonna run amok doing whatever he wants again, like the brat he is.

T: ‘Brat’ almost makes it sound cute though.

M: The original took place over a month, but this time it’s just one week.

T: Yeah, I hear a lot of people saying, “huh, isn’t that a little short?” But, this one week in the life of the master, is less a sequence of events taking us, bit by bit, to some distant future and more a single piece of time plucked out of that lifestyle.

M: So it’s more a matter of density then. I mean, Tomoaki’s always been kind of off from the beginning (lol), so he lives like ridiculous things are totally normal. But, wait? Doesn’t that mean there’s only one ending? Well that’s not fun at all.

T: Oh no. Even if that’s the case, there are multiple ending. Please look forward to controlling Tomoaki’s life as master just a bit (?). {that (?) is in the original}

M: There are so many endings I still want to make. About as many as the original had.

T: I don’t know about that yet, but I don’t want the concentration of the story to pale in comparison to the original.

M: Well it is the ‘lewd side’ so it better be lewd!

T: There should be lots of types of scenes that weren’t in the original.

M: Are they gonna use the aphrodisiac this time?

T: Oui.

M: Are the side-characters going to show up?

T: Oui. It is a fan disk after all, so I’d like to use as many characters from the original as I can. So far in the “Lewd Side,” Sayaka and Saki {Toudou’s brother} are set to appear throughout the whole story.

M: So, are there going to be any [scenes] with more than three people involved? {this is super vague but I’m guessing this question and it’s answer are hinting at a… uh… six?-some  lol}

T: Oui. Since all the butlers living together like usual, naturally everyone should get along (lol).

M: Is it true that there are going to be new characters?

T: Oui.

M: Even though it’s a fan disk? (lol) You’re really going to have new characters?

T: It’s not like fan disks have a set format, so I just figured I should do whatever I want with it (lol).

T & M: And with that, please cheer me on as I diligently work away at the Hadaka Shitsuji fan disk!

And that’s about it. They do a segment like this almost every month (spoilers: B’s-log’s contents are like 90% the same month-to-month) with 2 new CGs each time from what I understand. Still no release date, but that’s to be expected. My guess is they might try announcing an eta at the Hadaka Shitsuji Festival thing in November.

Might as well blog news again.

The previously announced Hadaka Shitsuji Fandisk (more like sequel) has an official site up finally.

The contents of the site are pretty much identical to the initial announcement in B’s Log a while ago, but here’s what it says anyway:

Take it all off!

A tale of an outrageously cruel master and masochistic butlers.

The protagonist, Tomoaki Maeda is a totally normal college student.
When he was really hurting for cash, he jumped at the opportunity to take a strange job as a ‘substitute master.’

Spending every day in a luxurious mansion, indulging in the good life while ordering butlers around.
And once Tomoaki gets used to it all, his orders take an unthinkable turn…


––To everyone who loves Hadaka Shitsuji,
In response to your passionate cheers, we’ve decided to make a fandisk!

It’ll be one volume that won’t pale in comparison to the original in terms of density:
Take it all off again and enjoy your lascivious life the Master on the “Yarashitsuji” Side {pun: lewd+butler} or, indulge in the nice and sweet, “Yasashitsuji” Side {pun: nice + butler} in which the master and former butler’s relationship does a 180.

Naturally, the protagonist (the master) is exclusively seme!

*It is possible to clear the game without having played the original Hadaka Shitsuji.
However, it’s probably more fun if you’ve played the original first.

What are the Yarashitsuji  and Yasashitsuji sides?

The master is in perfect form once again!
“Yarashitsuji” Side 

Somehow, Tomoaki’s become the master for real. Perhaps you could call it progress, because he spends his days performing his duties in a most dignified manner.

Amidst his busy schedule, he finally gets a well earned week off.
How and with whom will he spend it?

A return to the do-anything-and-everything-you-want master’s life!!

A sweeeeet? life with a former butler
“Yasashitsuji” Side

When his job as substitute master was over, he thought he’d return to his former life, but the time he spent as master changed both their destinies dramatically. A bitter-sweet ‘what if’ future scenario between the former master and one of his former butlers who are in a more-than-friends-but-not-quite-lovers relationship.

A sequel to each of the “love” endings.
Includes: “Sakuma Chapter” “Ichinose Chapter” “Komine Chapter” “Arisato Chapter” and the “Toudou Chapter.”

There’s nothing new in the character profiles. Release date is still TBA!


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