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I’m really not sure what this is, I skimmed the thread I thought it was referring to but couldn’t figure out what it derived from precisely (er, the post’s first line was “a summary of the previous thread” ) I believe this may be a communal theory about how things will end based on the spoiler guy stuff, summaries and general speculation. I thought it was interesting though and sheds some light on how 2ch is interpreting the spoiler guy stuff for what that’s worth. I think there are probably some typos in the post and my translation is probably a little off in places because I’m not totally awake right now LOL EXCUSES. 

AND ONCE AGAIN, THIS IS JUST A POST FROM 2CH THAT I THOUGHT WAS INTERESTING. IT IS PROBABLY NOTHING BUT SPECULATION BUT, AGAIN, I THOUGHT IT WAS INTERESTING. Please don’t start bitching at me for giving false information or whatever, because I’m not trying to do that.

The reason Regene isn’t dead yet is that when he tries to betray [Ribbons] he’ll be shot by Ali and is then taken hostage… He was acting without permission for Tieria’s sake. But it’s not like shooting them {the Innovators I guess?} with a gun would kill them. 

{something about recapturing Veda, I dunno what てごろごろしたい is supposed to be, unless that て is a typo or there’s some word play going on withごろごろしたい that I’m too dumb to be getting}

One hint about Veda’s recapture is that the 00’s particle spam has an unknown power on the gold-eye effect. And so [things like] intervention from Ribbons to completely snatch away [control] aren’t possible. Since Ribbons can’t intervene, they can capture a shard {of what? Veda?}. Thanks to 00’s mysterious power. 

The flower Feldt gives [Setsuna] is one that never dies, a mysterious flower. And then [he] gives it to Marina. [It is both] the destruction and regeneration of mankind who were chosen. 

When the godly light rains down [on the world], humanity develops quantum brainwaves. And so, during the final battle Setsuna’s will… feelings are transmitted to all of humanity. Fighting has come to an end. 

Ribbons is faithfully executing the plan. With this result, it couldn’t be helped that the Innovators were only pawns. With Tieria as the human-Veda {conduit? I dunno what 厨州 is, I’m almost inclined to say it’s a typo for what I don’t know}, without allowing anyone in, he leads humanity while blocking off Veda, as the [only] remaining Innovator.

Now go speculate!

Moon after the break







Oh yeah, I’m pretty sure there are some typos in this, the guy posted another “corrected” version a few posts later but it looked like he copied the wrong version and just reposted it again.

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  1. Nzykmulk said:

    Ahh… that’d be far too cheesy. I hope that’s not how this ends.

  2. lialialia said:


    But I always remember the ED pic where Tieria is shooting at Regene. That makes me thnk that the final boss maybe not Ribbons.
    Second never trust Ali.

    >When the godly light rains down [on the world], >humanity develops quantum brainwaves.
    >And so, during the final battle Setsuna’s will… >feelings are transmitted to all of humanity. >Fighting has come to an end.

    It seems this will happen. Strange, but I think that humans will never know about Innovators or that battle was Innovators vs CB.
    I doubt that Tieria will live. That part of the interpretation seems more talking about C.C. than Tieria.

  3. nbm said:

    wow! thank you for this post

    my brother speculated about 4 weeks back that tieria will merge with veda and will become ultimate form to take control of the whole situation. i think he will be very happy to hear these spoilers lol

    tieria with his good intension will be alright but i wonder if he’s going to survive or die in the process of shutting down veda?

    so with “only remaining innovator”, do you mean tieria?

    quantam brainwaves transmission to everyone in the world to learn setsuna’s feeling seems the only logical point of how you can stop a war that doesnt seem to have any other way to end!

    poor regene, i hope he stays alright. i always thought everything he’s doing, risking a lot is probably for tieria and if your (and the crazy guy’s) spoilers are correct, then it’s all good. but i hope regene doesnt die in the process.

  4. Trinfortune said:

    Mixed feelings on these. That whole “everyone’s feelings are made clear to everyone, thus no more fighting!” is ridiculously cheesey, but I can totally see it happening, judging on how Setsuna and Marina’s plots are going.

    On the other hand, I kinda like the idea of Regene’s motives being for Tieria’s sake, and was hoping for them to have a BRO END, though that “Tieria being the last Innovator” thing probably negates that. Still, Tieria surviving is a good thing!

    • nbm said:

      Agree. Tieria surviving is positive but like you, I hoped for a brothers-ending.

      I wonder what will happen to other three meisters?

      Lyle will survive unfortunately, I think Alle will too fortunately.

      But I’m fearing now that Setsuna might die in the end??

      • Trinfortune said:

        Lyle will probably survive, just kinda seems like a kick in the balls to kill him after killing his parents, sister, brother and girlfriend. There’s a small chance they could kill him and have him get a GOOD END in the afterlife, but nah, I’d say they’ll keep him alive and have him focus on taking out the Innovators and rebuilding the new world.

        Not sure what’ll happen with Allelujah, but I think he’ll survive, mostly because I can’t see him doing anything that’ll have him killed, you know? He doesn’t really have a FATED RIVAL, he’s not like Setsuna or Tieria who could get killed/”killed” via ‘surreal heroic sacrafice’ (eg crazy GN particles spam, uploading their conscious to VEDA, mindhax, etc) so it’s hard to see how they’d set it up. He seems to be more a support character for SoMarie, so whatever happens to her, I’m sure that he’ll be nearby to help or whatever. They’ll probably get a GOOD END.

        Not sure about Setsuna, he could get killed by the GN particle spam, but if he’s going down like that, then Saji is too, and I’m almost 100% convinced right now that Saji’ll end up with Louise somehow. That and they’ve never had a main protagonist die in Gundam. It could happen, but I’d love him to have a GOOD END, he’s been through enough shit at this stage to deserve one.

  5. Sumeragi Lee Noriega #zomgtripfagcode said:


    Our relentless slide towards lameness continues. Can’t wait for my ‘Of What Value Is a Non-Human Life’ ending with the Innovators. Nice knowing you, Regene.

  6. Seibee said:

    Oooo look, GN particle world spam. Awesome XD

  7. Yashiko said:

    I think the 「ヴェーダ奪還にてごろごろしたい」 means that they want to leave the capture of Veda alone for a while.

    ごろごろ sort of has a secondary meaning of “to lie about idly”

    • citrinitas668 said:

      Yeah, I was thinking it was somewhere along those lines, but the trouble is that the phrase ごろごろしたい is kind of a joke on 2ch which they associate with both Regene (and his NEETness) and Marina (since she’s similarly useless and the phrase comes up in her song). So I’m not totally sure what to do with it. I’m almost inclined to say it’s just a joke/pun header for the section (similar to my incessant need to work “keikaku means plan” jokes in wherever I can), since, again this is just an informal 2ch post after all.

  8. Nyanko-sensei said:

    T-chan, T-chan, T-chan, T-chan, T-chan, T-chan, T-chan, T-chan, T-chan, T-chan, T-chan, T-chan,

    going to live XD

  9. floofyfloor said:

    As outlandish as this sounds it does look like something Sunrise would try. But still. Blech

  10. floofyfloor said:

    By the way I checked back on some spoilers and
    This one:
    Next one asks if Ali will appear soon.
    His response is: From the shadows, quietly, unexpectedly and slowly Regene escapes and…

    Seems to correlate with this one:
    The reason Regene isn’t dead yet is that when he tries to betray [Ribbons] he’ll be shot by Ali and is then taken hostage… He was acting without permission for Tieria’s sake. But it’s not like shooting them {the Innovators I guess?} with a gun would kill them.

    That and the fact that some spoilers have been on the spot so far. I just hope the actual product isn’t as bad or as corny as the spoilers make them out to be.

    • Anonymous or something said:

      Or Ali could doublecross Ribbons and help Regene. In Season One Ali said he wanted constant war, having Ribbons win wouldn’t really be a good thing for him. (unless he has changed his outloook on life) At first I thought Ali might be working directly for Wang and just pretending to help Ribbons (since Wang’s view is most similar to his own) I mean him not telling Ribbons he found Nena on the Trinity Mothership and everything… But with Wang in the dire position she is now it seems more likely he is working for Regene. In episode 11 when he told Ribbons he hadn’t found anything, as usual Regene was smirking. But maybe the smirk actually meant something this time?

      Being shot wouldn’t kill the innovators? That’s an interesting thought. While it is hinted at that they have regenerative abilities that stops them from growing older does that mean they would be that “invincible”? If so, why exactly is Regene scared of Ribbons?

      If Regene is really bothered by what Ribbons is doing or if he really want things to go another way, couldn’t he just take a gun and kill Ribbons now that he is alone with the other guy? Or how about just stabbing him with a knife? Or how about if he just jumped him and broke his neck? Even if Ribbons can just take control of them because of Veda he wouldn’t be able to do so if Regene was quick enough and shot him in the head. That’s the only part of this that bothers me… that Regene hasn’t tried to take the direct approach yet. Maybe now that he has been “found out” he will?

  11. leoh said:

    Think this might end like Char’s Counterattack (which is the best Gundam ending ever)? :D

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