There’s another Tieria fig on that page too but his proportions are so wanky looking. Hopefully it’s just the camera angle. ;A;

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  1. nbm said:

    Holy shi………..!

  2. C.C. said:

    That other one was so uglyyyyy. ;_; Finally, a fem!Tieria one – saw it this morning, but unfortunately it’s not as good as I’d like it to be. Then again I have stupid high standards, like GSC good.

    • citrinitas668 said:

      Yeah, it’s not very detailed. It kind of looks like a trading figure (horribly misproportioned Tieria looks a lot like one too, they were all pretty fucked up looking except Graham). I kind of hope Alter does a nice 1/7-1/8, I’ve always been fond of their sculpts though GSC would be good too now that I think about it….

  3. C.C. said:

    Yeah, it does look like that, unfortunately. Also wtf @ that gun, it somehow seems too small… Is it just me?

    I’m thinking, even if we have to wait a while, some other company will eventually pick the project up and do a better job. I think it’s likely since Japan loves their sexy trap-type characters, and it’ll only be a matter of time before they cash in on Tieria.

    • Trinfortune said:

      Yeah, agreed, the gun looks tiny.

    • Selidor said:

      Didn’t he keep the gun in his garter, though? It does look awkwardly small, but it doesn’t look far off the one from the episode.

    • SansNom01 said:

      The gun is really small if you look back to the episode.

      Now imagine it in size with the figurine XD

  4. Seibee said:

    I’d buy it.

  5. mai said:

    I hate to sound like a big pervert, but I’d like to see an upskirt shot of that figurine.

    • MikoGalatea said:

      Me too. XD Actually, I was wondering if it was the same type of trading figure that comes in bits and you have to put it together yourself.

      … erm.

    • Mick said:

      Ahhhh my eyes they burn.

      Wonder if some poor Jap dude is going to look under the dress and finds she is a he :P

  6. 00 live on said:

    I’d ask tieria out if he was really a girl…..

    (if I were a gundam that is)

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