May 00P Summary


File no.18 Gundam Virtue

In order to test Virtue, a mock-battle was setup with Rasiel.
This time, Virtue is armed with mainly physical-attack-based weapons––”Physical” type.
The ones facing each other were Grave and Hixar.
There in Rasiel’s cockpit, Grave was thinking about other things.
[About] Virtue’s Gundam Meister, Tieria.

On this occasion, while Grave is acting, candidates for the three Meisters had already been decided.
But, only for Exia’s Meister, Veda rejected whomever was put forth as a candidate.
Almost as if someone behind the scenes was reserving Exia’s seat for someone in particular.
And furthermore, this Tieria Erde person before his eyes was someone Grave had absolutely no idea about.
“As far as this Meister I don’t know is concerned, [was he] specially selected by Veda? Or am I imagining things…”
Grave knows [some] information about the Innovedo, which only one part of the organization [should] know.

The “Innovedo” are imitations of the future new breed of human “Innovator,” artificial lifeforms produced from a base of human DNA.
The name is derived by adding “oid,” meaning “pseudo,” to “Innovator” thus becoming “Innovedo.” {I dunno how they’re getting “oid” in there, maybe I just fucked up the translation and it actually makes sense somehow, I dunno–“oid” was written in romaji btw so it’s not a transliteration error on my end}
However as “knock offs” exist, the implication is that [even if] the ability of innovators which humans carry within their genetic code is artificially made manifest, [the resulting] being could be called the genuine thing.
As far as abilities are concerned, they [the Innovedos’ abilities] are quite close to the Innovators’.

[Grave decided that] it made sense if he thought of Tieria as an Innovedo.
So, one part/group of Innovedo must be a type designed to be Gundam Meisters.
{okay so for this next sentence I’m not really which way to interpret it, 彼 as “he” or as “that” since in this minimal context I kind of think the latter makes more sense–continuing the line of thought about types of Innovedo rather than talking about Tieria but I’m not sure, so two attempts at the line:}
– The idea being that, there are “combat type” “information type” and “special ability type” and so on specialized Innovado.
– He is a “combat type” “information type” and “special ability type” and so on, specialized Innovedo.
{the first one makes more sense to me but I dunno really}

Up until several months ago, [he] couldn’t get an answer as to whether the plan called for human Meisters or Innovedo Meisters, but having been denied access to Meister 874’s Gundam, [he] sought advice of this other, senior Innovedo, according to which Veda had decided that the team would be composed of human Meisters.
However, [he] didn’t get the impression that Veda was making a team [comprised] exclusively of humans.
Grave supposed that in all likelihood, in order to maintain harmony within the group, Tieria himself wasn’t allowed to know he was an Innovedo.
Grave himself [thought?] if that was the case then….

The fight between the GN Field-using Virtue and it’s opponent Rasiel is a close match.
Hixar plunged into the line of Virtue’s beam which [Grave] waited for the moment the [Rasiel’s] bits used up their particles and returned to fire.
Making the condenser run wild, in an attempt to scatter the beam’s particles. {I’m not really sure what’s going on here}
But, immediately after the [machine*] endured [the hit] without giving out was engulfed in flames. {*期待 here didn’t make sense to me, but it’s homophonous with 機体 so I figure it’s probably just a typo, but I could be wrong}
Grave abandons Virtue’s mock battle to rescue Hixar. {Is it just me or Hixar a massive idiot?}

Grave, astonished, reports to Veda and carries Hixar to sickbay. Hixar who was mostly pitch-black recovered like magic, before [Grave’s] eyes he was healthy and laughing. The one who treated Hixar was Veda’s [one of] autonomous robot[s]. A delighted Hixar clings to Ian.

Hixar turns around and says, “I’ve got something very important to tell Grave-chan*” {*”グラーベちゃん” d-does he always talk like this?}
Grave tensed up at that moment. This time, many mysterious things happened.
Perhaps, [Grave] noticed something [about] Hixar that he himself (Hixar) was unaware.

But what came out of Hixar’s mouth was an apology, “I forgot that I added -chan.”
Grave grabs his hand and thanks Hixar, saying “You’re the man who saved my life.” {This must be referencing something that happened earlier, right?}

[The reason] Rasiel was bombarded at full power was because Virtue’s limiter was broken.
But, since maintenance was completed, it should have been a perfect machine.
In other words, someone was targeting Grave.
Ian warns him to watch out [about that].

Grave returned to his room and accessed Veda to see if “Tieria Erde” had inquired about Hixar’s condition. The answer was “YES,” Tieria was concerned about the pilot’s well-being [after] the incident, and inquired about him many times. Grave approved of Tieria who seemed to have a human heart. Because concern for an injured comrade is an important factor in being a Meister.

There are three Gundams with undecided Meisters. Even if it seems that there is someone inside blocking it, it’s Grave’s job to seek out [the rest of] the Meisters.

[EDIT] Blurb on Virtue’s Physical equipment:

P56-7 Description of Virtue’s “Physical” and “Particle” types. The design for the “Physical” type appears here. The Particle type was used in the TV series and the Physical type was destroyed for one reason or another. It turns out that several weapons designed for use with the Physical [type] were can be used as weapons for Dynames.

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  1. taichara said:

    Sweet merciful bloody hell.

    Thank you —

    Also, more ammunition for my Hixar= white skittle theory –

  2. floofyfloof said:

    Wait. So Tieria was repeatedly concerned about Hixar? I guess I could understand that since it was his fault. But is he still as much of a bitch as he was in S1?

  3. 00 live on said:

    InnoVEDA??? Since they were made by Veda after all

    • 00 live on said:

      Is there a way I can find the 00F,00V?

  4. SansNom01 said:

    Grave, you sound like a good man…
    Too bad, Ribbons killed you…

  5. ayonoi said:

    Dude, how come the characters I like get killed by Ribbons?!!!

    But Hixar…yes, he can be an idiot at times.

    • taichara said:

      [But Hixar…yes, he can be an idiot at times.]

      Are there any other notable examples of Hixar’s daftness at work, off the top of your head?

  6. mangaka-chan said:

    Can’t say I can picture the Hixar we see in 00P with this Hixar. >>;;

    • taichara said:

      [Can’t say I can picture the Hixar we see in 00P with this Hixar. >>;;]

      Neither can I; I’d been speculating on two of them, but F!Hixar has a flashback of Grave being dead …

  7. mai said:

    THANK YOU!!!

    I think the “oid” might be the suffix like Human ==> Humanoid. So adding “oid” to Innovator would make them “like Innovators”.

    …how do we really romanize Innovedo?

    • citrinitas668 said:

      Oh yeah, I’m familiar with the morpheme. The meaning makes sense, but the phonology is kinda…

      Innovedo = イノベイド = inobeido

      The ェイド ending sounds nothing like the English “oid” which would probably be something like ォイド… Hm, looking at it in kana like that it makes a little more sense (but it’s just the “id” part of “oid”). “Inoveid” maybe? I don’t think whoever came up with that explanation knows anything about English morphology….

      I dunno, I think deriving it from “pseudo” makes more sense just from a practical standpoint (and it doesn’t really damage the meaning if we just ignore ‘oid’ and say it comes from ‘pseudo’ until we get an inevitably bizarre official spelling…) giving us “Innovedo.”

      And then there’s also that, upon googling イノベイド the first thing you’ll get is a company called “Innovade” so that’s another potentially valid spelling despite not conforming to the derivational explanation.

      Engrish makes my head hurt.

      • mai said:

        quoting Tokkan from below


        This sounds like a good trade-off for the spelling, don’t you think?

  8. aidee said:

    would Innovoid make sense?

  9. Tokkan said:

    It shall be Innovaid

  10. Naked Ghost Anew said:

    Innovator + psuedo = Innovuedo?

  11. Aulon said:

    Maybe Innovado is just short from Innovadoid ?

  12. Thom Vermazeren said:

    Thanks for the translation, Citrinitas.

    Lol @ Innovoid/-vaid/-vade, etc.

    It looks indeed like a massive ‘engrishism’, where (I suspect) -vator, -iod and VEDA got mixed into ‘(Inno)veida.’

    I’d say that, because these ‘Innovatoids’ are specifically created as VEDA Terminals mimicing Innovators, “Innoveda” sounds the best, also when taking the phonetics into account.

    I’ve got almost no doubt that the official engrish spelling will be different though. :p

    • anon said:

      It can’t be innoveda because the katakana is inobeido. So the last sound would be ‘do’ or a silent ‘d’.

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