Weekly Speculah

Lots of discussion this week!

BUT FIRST! Star Driver Speculah Bingo:

Head is
Sugata is
the final
turns on
Takuto and
Sugata are
picks both.
Head is
and Shingo
are the same
at the end.
Sarina is
an alien.
The idiot
trio gattai’s.
Galaxy is
Crux allies
models for
Movie! Takuto’s
first phase
is adaption.
is a triple
is the
final boss.
never leaves
his room.
Head is
Sugata joins
the Crux.
mom was a
North Maiden.
turns out to
be gay.
Ginta is

Feel free to make your own card with your own speculah or rearrange this one.

And now onto your regularly scheduled speculah


My stance on this really hasn’t changed much from the beginning. I’m having a really hard time seeing any kind of conflict developing between Takuto, Wako and Sugata especially after the present exchange. I mentioned this before in the comments, but, seriously, just listen to how Takuto talks about Sugata’s devotion to Wako (and he’s even blushing while he does it)––Takuto seems to genuinely want to tell Wako how much Sugata cares about her and it sounds like he admires Sugata for it too. I can’t imagine Takuto being jealous of Sugata for any reason after that stunt. Also, I think the reason Sugata didn’t get Wako a present was because he doesn’t like birthdays––they probably don’t usually exchange presents (Wako didn’t seem too surprised that he didn’t get her anything either).

I guess the only person I could see causing “issues” within the trio is Sugata. He has always been pushing Takuto and Wako together, but he also seems like the most troubled/insecure member of the trio. And further, we don’t really know why he’s been so encouraging of Takuto and Wako’s relationship (older Enokido comments seem to imply that his motives for getting close to Takuto are fairly self-serving, hard to say if that still applies or if that was just the initial reason). Even though Sugata seems like the most likely one to instigate trouble in the trio, I still can’t see him turning on them. If nothing else, I think it’s clear that he loves Wako deeply (in whatever capacity) and I don’t think he’d do anything to hurt her. Which reminds me, I think Takuto was wrong when he said that Sugata didn’t care about anything but staying alive, the one thing Sugata clearly cares about is Wako (he was willing to kill to protect her and almost died doing the same thing).

So I dunno, the only way I can see last boss Sugata is if he starts to see Takuto as a threat to Wako physically (not that Wako really needs protecting)––unless something’s changed in his character (could have) since Enokido gave the Megami interview where he said, “It’s clear that he likes Wako the most as a person of the opposite sex, but by Sugata’s standards, romantic love itself doesn’t really seem to rank very highly,” coupled with the fact that Sugata’s been pushing Wako and Takuto together and his “in the 21st century, I believe we should be allowed to love freely” line from the first episode, I can’t see Sugata flipping his shit over a romantic development between Takuto and Wako. Plus his “we should be allowed to love freely” thing sounds like either a) Sugata’s gay or b) he’s totally cool with the idea of three-way relationship.


So, I’m finding it increasingly interesting that none of the boys seem to take an active role in all the kissing/etc going on in the show. Takuto’s been kissed …3 times? So far, but never because he initiated/consented to them. Depending on how you take the mouth-to-mouth, Wako stole his first kiss to save his life; he was unconscious (obviously, but I figured I’d state it explicitly because boys being unconscious and having things done to them is a ~thing~). Kanako stole his first proper kiss when she dropped the glass. And Benio kissed him while he was sleeping (again with the unconscious violations!).

Benio also initiated the kiss with Tetsuya (to mind control him no less!) and kissed Sugata while he was in a post-coma stupor (unconscious again!). Even with Takashi and Simone, Takashi’s usually pretty passive while Simone presses him into near-kiss positions (though in 11 Takashi did pull her into embrace later, so idk if this fits into the pattern). And then of course there’s unconscious Sugata and Keito’s “duty” (I still think it’s probably ritual sex, but whatever, some people still don’t think Kou and Madoka are lesbians/fucking even after naked time this week).

Though interestingly, Kanako commented in episode 5 that it was unseemly for a girl to initiate a kiss through the glass. Anyway, I don’t really know what to make of it, just an observation that it’s sort of the opposite of the normal pattern.


There are too many things we don’t know to make good predictions imo, but some general points of interest (some of this is obvious/has been mentioned but reiterating):

– What’s the “shocking thing” that Takuto sees when he’s helping out around the house?
– The summary mentions 3 people: Head (Tokio), Sora (Katashiro’s fiance) and Katashiro. The flash-back looking portions of the preview show: Head,  Takuto’s Mom and Shingo (and possibly a fourth person depending on how you take Mr. Red-shirt, I think it’s Head but idk)
– Head? and Sora? under the rainbow in the preview looks a lot like the last shot in the OP with Sugata, Wako and Takuto standing under shooting stars (just minus Takuto)
– Shingo has the Sin mark, it’s visible in the preview
– Shingo and Head are screwing around in the ruins in the preview (you can see a Cybody’s base-body in the background)

General prediction: instead of Head NTRing Sora from Katashiro, he NTRs both of them from each other. They get jealous of each other and the relationship falls apart.

[EDIT] Oh also, idk where to put this, but random observation: Ruri’s hickey was in the same spot that Wako held the knife to Takuto’s neck.

[EDIT] Rough timeline because it seems like it might be useful. Making some assumptions about the identities of Head, Sora and Katashiro for now:

A long time ago
– Ruins are discovered; the Crux is formed (note: according to Megami comments from Enokido, the Crux was not always comprised of 6 sections–it’s a fairly new setup)
~30+ years ago
– Ikuro’s time as a Galactic Pretty Boy; it’s implied that he probably piloted Tauburn before
– Ikuro’s son/Takuto’s father/Head is born.
– Ikuro does not pass the Tau mark on to his son.
~16 years ago (based on the Young Gangan summary)
– Sora/Takuto’s mom (probably about 16/17 based on her uniform) is engaged to Katashiro/Shingo; they get involved with Head
~15 years ago
– Takuto is born. Sugata is born.
– Wako is born/etc.
– At some point Head abandons Takuto and leaves him with Ikuro. (sounds like he may have left the island for a time around here––Takuto doesn’t seem to remember/know anything about the island so he probably wasn’t there long even if he was born there and iirc magazines describe Takuto’s father as having abandoned him to go (back to) to the island)
– Leon is involved with Simone and Mylene’s mother. Simone (Pamela) and Mylene are born.
~10 years ago?
– Midori is enrolled in Southern Cross Academy’s high school section.
– Fujino abandons Mizuno to look for Mizuno’s “father.” Marino is created.(guessing based on how old Mizuno looks in the flashback)
~5 years ago
– (possibly more than 5 years ago) Wako apprivoises suddenly/accidentally in elementary school
– Sugata’s 10th birthday, he learns about his mark
~1 year ago
– Natsuo dies
– Takuto gets in a plane crash and gets a the scar on his chest
– Takuto inherits the Tau mark from Ikuro
– Simone gets into a car accident.
– Kanako marries Leon Watanabe.
– Kanako apprivoises Betreada to save Simone. (must be after the Cybercaskets are completed)
Unspecifiedly close to when the series starts
– Fishy gets involved with Head
– Cybercaskets are completed (must be before Kanako apprivoises to save Simone)
===Series start===
– Episode 1: Takuto arrives on the island just before the first day of school (April). North Maiden’s seal is broken.
Early May:
– Episode 6: Takuto and Sugata’s 16th birthday. (probably at the beginning of May)
Late May/early June:
– Episode 11: Shortly after midterms (usually around the middle of May according to 2ch, so 11 is probably late May/early June)
Mid/Late July:
– Episode 16: West Maiden’s seal is broken.
Mid/Late August:
– Episode 17: The coup and the end of summer vacation (usually ends in mid-late August, seems like 16 was probably just before summer vacation which usually starts in mid-late July)
Late August/Early September:
– Episode 19: Wako’s 16th birthday.
Late September?
– Episode 22: School Festival

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  1. iRENDU said:

    I think you overestimate Wako’s importance for Sugata. He isn’t kind of guy who gives his all for girl. He could apprivoise not because he values Wako *that* much, but because he doesn’t value his own life, or because of pride (I’m man, I must protect women).

    • I dunno, I do agree that there’s an aspect of that with Sugata, but I think Wako’s pretty damn important to him (why would he have carried that knife around for pretty much his whole life just to protect her and never tell anyone what it was for if this was all for pride/show?).

      If we’re using Takuto’s logic, Sugata doesn’t care about himself enough to want to kill himself, but he does care about /something/ (Wako) to have done something so risky. I think that was the whole point behind the knife reveal––Takuto thought Sugata was carrying it around because he was suicidal, but Takuto was wrong, Sugata was carrying it to protect Wako, it’s his “devotion” to her.

      • iRENDU said:

        I’m not sure, that Sugata said Takuo truth (yeah, blue-haired said it during the fight, but he seems to the type of man, who can control his rage) / there was only one reason for carrying knife.
        Even if knife is metaphor for devotion, we must remember that:
        – Takuto stole it from Sugata;
        – You can steal something from someone only when this person isn’t paying attention to this thing.

    • Arabesque said:

      I don’t know about that. Sure, Sugata is a very prideful person, considering that he came from a very esteemed family and is considered a genius (and you could also add in his very good looks) and yes, he is also very reckless in how he uses his power. However, rewatching the episode when he first used the King Pillar, he clearly was angry that Wako was in danger. Furthermore it’s easy to tell that he does care about her and value her (hell he even did say that he caries around a knife to protect her etc.).

      As for not caring for his life … I don’t know, the man is reckless but I don’t think that he doesn’t care for his life as much as he doesn’t mind putting his life on the line to defend thous around him.

      I mean yeah, we know from the older comments that Sugata isn’t one that would put romance as a high priority but that doesn’t mean he is incapable of love.

      • Dragonfly said:

        I agree. She’s his childhood friend, and from what Benio said, possibly his only close friend until now (plus his family, like every one else’s, seems to be a total no-show).
        I laughed to see that ‘Sugata turns out to be gay’ made it on there, although I don’t know if we’ll ever be able confirm or deny that. But seriously, every shot he is in when he isn’t in serious mode, he’s either got his legs crossed or his hand on his hips.
        You are not a manly man, Sugata. That little vest thing you wear isn’t helping.

  2. Kajitani-Eizan said:

    i feel like you would have a greater chance of winning if you stacked the center rank, file, and diagonals with the most likely speculation

    > Ruri’s hickey was in the same spot that Wako held the knife to Takuto’s neck.
    > “You don’t get this kind of mark through the glass”


    • Yeah, I was trying to do that, but I couldn’t think of enough things that weren’t explicitly spoiled/waaay too obvious already to fill up those lines.

  3. lilu said:

    This episode the moment with Sugata and onions pretty much gave me the idea why he would want to beat Takuto. The reason is simple – it’s because Takuto makes Wako cry(unhappy).

    • Nox said:

      I’m inclined to agree here. That could really piss Sugata off. And if Takuto decides to back off pursuing Wako because of seeing that little bit in the preview, that provides a way he could make Wako cry if he rejected her.

  4. Arabesque said:

    nvm …


    Call me crazy, but I can just see George getting out of his room, having trained for god-knows-how-long to be one of the most powerful characters in the show.


    I don’t think so. Gosick has a better chance of getting a movie (and even that is unlikely) maybe if it was a reimagining like the Utena movie, but not in the foreseeable future IMO


    Kanako probably said that as an ironic statement, though it could be a tradition in the island that the male student would be the one to initiate the kiss.

    • Yeah movie’s pretty unlikely, but it’s not like I believe everything on the card is going to happen (I don’t even support the aliens theory but I tossed it on there because I was running out of ideas, lol).

  5. az said:

    It’s suggested by the direction that Sugata kissing Wako is the “shocking thing”: of course that could just be trolling but it’s difficult to think what else shocks Takuto besides romance.

    Similarly the direction makes it seem pretty clear that Shingo is Katashiro and Sora is Takuto’s mom. And I do think that’s Head in the red there, nobody else has such a mullet.

    I’ve thought since the 2nd OP began that there’s importance in that shot. In the first episode where it shows up (14 I guess) it cuts directly from the trio (ao-yellow-red hair) to a horizontal traffic light (ao-yellow-red), which could be a way of saying “this shot contains meaning, look at it” – although that kind of moves into the realm of Anno-esque LOLDEEP. Anyway, I think there are three shooting stars in that shot: one green, one purple/pink, one white? Kanako-Benio-Head is what would immediately occur to me, perhaps representing the three motivations of the Crux members (rule the world/personal honor and power/immortality or something like that)? But there’s probably a better symbolism that I’ve missed.

    Do we have any information on when the Cybodies were discovered? I have to wonder why Tokio and Shingo would be drunkenly cavorting around the ruins if the Crux already existed and was in control of these ruins, yet the Maiden thing has been going on for ages so presumably someone knew about all this.

    • Nox said:

      Yeah, not sure what else it would be and that is pretty shocking since that’d really be the first romantic looking thing that Sugata ever really done for him to see. Probably mess up his thoughts.

      I have to admit, there’s something mildly amusing about the probability that Sugata’s kiss (or whatever is going on) ends up being the catalyst for everything to go bad in their relationship and have him turn. Because I’m sure Sugata wouldn’t do that intentionally.

      I’m not sure on Shingo being Katashiro. For one, it doesn’t make any sense and has no reasoning and there really isn’t anything hinting they are one in the same aside from Katashiro’s apparent non-appearence in the preview.

      I guess it brings up why they are bringing in some new friend of Head’s so close to the end though.

      I remember reading something about it being decades ago and that ever since then various organizations have worked together and funded the Crux.

      Which shot exactly?

      • LavenderGray said:

        “I’m not sure on Shingo being Katashiro. For one, it doesn’t make any sense and has no reasoning and there really isn’t anything hinting they are one in the same aside from Katashiro’s apparent non-appearence in the preview.”

        The only thing I can think of is that his first phase ability is the power to astral project/create another self, and it still works even though he’s in a coma. It’s no weirder than Mizuno creating Marino, certainly. Not sure why he’d project himself as a middle aged dude with a eye patch, though.

        • And don’t forget that for some reason Katashiro wears the Sin mask.

          I’m thinking the strongest argument is probably conservation of detail. Why introduce Shingo (who obviously has the same symbol as Katashiro wears) if his only connection is some side character in Head’s backstory? Plus Katashiro’s name is suspicious as hell and has been suggesting something to he effect of him being a replacement/something for another person for a while (all the names have >implications in this show, so it’s not a crazy argument).

          • Nox said:

            You’re right, it does make things simpler if Shingo and Katashiro are in effect the same person. Less need for explanation.

            Who is the eye patched guy then? A projection a Lavender suggests maybe? Possession again?

            I guess I’m rather curious if we’re going to see Katashiro after 20 or if he won’t be needed anymore.

          • az said:

            Katashiro is…some kind of vessel for Shingo’s libido, maybe created out of the Shin Cybody itself? I can only think of Rei:Lilith::Katashiro:Shingo, that probably doesn’t make sense but I don’t think it’s exactly the same as the Marino/Mizuno situation.

  6. theflow said:

    the ginga bingo card is fucking genius haro. I applaud thee.

    you forgot in the card and speculation, if sugata’s anything like head, he’d be bi and not gay.

  7. Silverspot said:

    I agree with almost everything on your bingo card, so I guess I’ll shuffle it, replace a couple and make my own just for kicks.

    Maybe you could post it on /a/? There are enough tripfags and namefags to join, I guess.

    On another note, it seemed to me that what Takuto sees in the preview is Sugata kissing a sleeping Wako in the courtyard. If you check again, both maids are blushing. Also, that chair doesn’t match Sugata’s decoration and definitely looks like something you would have on your courtyard, along with the floor tiles.

    Haha, people still don’t believe Madoka and Kou are lesbians? Well… then again, there are still people who don’t believe Head is Takuto’s father. I don’t know what to think anymore…

    • >Maybe you could post it on /a/?

      I would have already if I wasn’t stuck at work, lol. If anyone else wants to, feel free.

      • Silverspot said:


  8. Nox said:

    Nice Bingo board, though I’ll bet it’ll turn out to be impossible to actually get Bingo.

    And I swear there had better not be a movie. I couldn’t take the waiting and the series would probably end on a horribly enticing cliffhanger. Doubtful that would happen though.

    I agree on the trio thing. This episode just seemed like it was about strengthening their bonds even further than they were before. That said, there are scenarios for conflict arise and I think whatever Sugata’s doing with Wako to be the starting point of it all going to hell.

    That aside, would it make sense to go and repeat the whole “friends fight it out” plotline again between Takuto and Sugata? Granted, the stakes would be much higher this time around as would tensions.

    In addition, where does this leave Head in such a conflict? He’s more or less the main antagonist, at least right now, which would mean we need to conclude his plotlines with everyone.

    Given that the trio are the main characters, I suppose it might make sense to have the final Cybody battle be between Takuto and Sugata so they can all resolve whatever conflicts they have with one another.

    Unless the show ends with everything ok between Takuto and Sugata and they decide to just have a final battle between Tauburn and Samekh. After all, Sugata kept going on about how Takuto needs to beat him.

    It is interesting that it’s women who are all much more involved and pushing for it then the men. Takashi did initiate a bit of something with Simone and Head comes across a bit like this as well, though he seems to push others away.

    I’m still a bit up in the air about Keito’s duty. It doesn’t seem right for it to be sex since that would pretty much destroy any chance in my mind for her to not be a bad person as Enokido stated because rape is just not right.

    Are we sure that is Shingo with Sora?

    There is a nice parallel with that OP shot. Notably that the trio is together and holding hands.

    The idea about them breaking up because each wants Head for themselves is an interesting idea and I rather like it.

    Not sure what to make of the stab mark being in the same place. And why wasn’t it bleeding anymore? Did it just heal?

    • kargarus said:

      Yes, would like to see some resolution of Keito’s scene still.

      Hmm, the bleeding…not so sure.. magical anime healing maybe?!

  9. Nacho-wan said:

    Well, I can see a lot of people painting Head as SD’s f##king Ribbons. But since he has neglected time and time again his evil duties, I doubt there is an evil mastermind here. He would be more interesting as an evil dude if he was seen more frequently plotting or something similar

    • >He would be more interesting as an evil dude if he was seen more frequently plotting or something similar

      Did you miss all his evil scheming with Keito? Or the coup?

  10. Annonymous said:

    >mfw Star Driver is Abenobashi’s AU

  11. noname said:

    Wako IS an important part of Sugata’s motivation. He does care deeply for her.

    But he’s also been… comparing himself to Takuto lately, sorta. Takuto is out there fighting all the time and he’s always ready to King’s Pillar spam. There was the one time he and Takuto were in the bath together and he brought up “yeah, I apprivoised to save her, but I also wanted the power from apprivoising” or something along those lines. I sort of get the feeling he thinks he’d do something unsavory, perhaps to Wako, if it meant getting off the island or something.

    But on the other hand I could also see him turning to the dark side if a mysterious girl from Takuto’s past showed up and he was suddenly all over her and broke Wako’s heart. That’d piss Sugata right the fuck off I think.

    Either of those will be how he becomes final bossu, I think.

    • Nox said:

      I think it could be that he actually wants to be able to help Takuto out. He’s not done it on a few occasions though. The times he did use it were when it was two against one and against Ayingott who he declared as being evil. Then came Hegent and he used it and at that point it may have been due to the Crux now being in the Third Phase. No sense in holding back lest they succeed.

      He generally seems to stay out of Takuto’s battles, in general because he believes in Takuto’s abilities.

      That line is quite true though. At the same time, and someone else noted it, he also seemed to be testing Takuto’s resolve and reasons for piloting since we saw him thinking about Head’s claims that no one could beat him. Can’t quite blame him for wanting power since he might as well get something out of having the mark and being imprisoned.

      It’s also worth remembering that Wako can’t really leave the island unless her seal is broken. Thus the only way she could currently live her dream is if she wasn’t a maiden anymore.

      Not sure about Hana. It just feels a bit cheap for her to show up just so she can cause conflict.

      • noname said:

        I brought up Hana just because I saw a spoiler about someone showing up to meet Takuto and a comment made in an interview along the lines of “how would Takuto feel if he saw her now?” Or something. Memory is vague.

        And you’re right about that Wako thing – I’m pretty sure that’s what they were talking about at the very beginning of the first episode. I think that could also play into Sugata thinking he’ll be the one to hurt her or something.

        I don’t know, that’s as far as my thinking has brought me.

        • Nox said:

          Yeah, that spoiler does seem like a possible indication, but I have to wonder whether they were just throwing it out there or if they were tipped.

          It’s a motivation for him to want to help them or at least break her seal. It’d actually be funny if they somehow had Sugata break her seal at the same time they broke without him actually trying to help the Crux. Sorry if that seems confusing.

          • noname said:

            For me, the most important part of the show will be Sugata’s motivations for the inevitable transition to final bossu. He’s been the most interesting character for me so far.

            I’ll take anything but “Samekh made me do it” because that’d be the worst copout in the entire world.

          • Nox said:

            Yeah, them actually finding an acceptable way for him to do so. Unless they decide to pull a twist. I still have to wonder what Head’s role in this will be since I’d be surprised if he was just pushed aside.

            I don’t think it’d be that bad. A bit of a swerve since the only time we’ve seen such a thing happen was with Ayingott and that was an odd case.

          • noname said:

            The main reason it’s interesting is that Sugata is an inherently good guy I think, but he’s got issues and recognizes he has them.

            If he goes final bossu and it’s not of his own will it’ll be such a detriment to him. That’s what I think, anyway.

          • Nox said:

            Agreed, he’s not a bad person by any means. He’s just burdened by a lot of different things and responsibilities, which mainly comes from being born with that mark.

            Yeah, I understand and pretty much agree. I just hope that whatever reasons he does all this, they aren’t just sort of thrown out all of a sudden. As well that the trio are all on good terms at the end.

  12. Heh, I can see soooo many of those things on the bingo, I mean GINGA card coming true, and I’m totally sticking to the “Sarina is an alien or something” theory (and I swear I thought of that theory before I saw the “the shadow girls in Utena may be aliens” guessing”). And I would LOVE if the series ended with the trio still the trio with no romance yet. Actually, the idea that Sugata is okay with a threesome does seem to make sense in my fangirly mind…

  13. Nox said:

    For the most part, I’ve only been considering the trio breaking down from occurrences that happen through the actions of the three of them. What I haven’t really thought much about is how external forces might try to influence them in some way.

    Head’s plans involve Sugata and Samekh. This about all we know I believe. We don’t know why yet and may not even after this episode. It involves Keito doing something to Sugata at night, which the maids know about and I think she was doing this perhaps even before Head asked her to.

    Head has indicated that he expects Sugata to become the Emperor at some point as has Keito. They seem quite confident given that as of now there isn’t much reason to think he’d go and join them. They must be aware of how close the three of them are and that as long as they remain so, Wako has both Tauburn and Samekh as bodyguards pretty much.

    I just can’t figure out how they could influence events so that it would push Sugata far enough to join. I can imagine it happening sure, like Sugata walking on the beach to the spot Head always was at and meeting him there. Just not the why.

    I’m starting to wonder if there’s something to Samekh beyond its great size, power, and ability to bring down giant blue energy columns. Is there something more that it is capable of?

    And I could see it ending with the trio intact with perhaps her not really choosing one over the other.

    • Katsumaro said:

      The island is clearly Samekh. Makes perfect sense.

      • Nox said:

        I don’t think it’s quite that big, but I could see some bad things happening of it were to rise up in the real world. Hell, it’d probably destroy the Crux ruins.

    • rightofleft said:

      I’ve been thinking maybe Head is an older member of the Shindou family? I want to think that both maids have at least some kind of feeling for Sugata and wouldn’t just keep an eye on him for no reason.

      So the reason why they are keeping the secret about Keito is because that’s the order from the Shindou family that they have their loyalty to, except this person is older (higher rank in the family) and has more power than Sugata.

      This may somehow play a part when Sugata turns / goes into rampage. Head just need to reveal the fact that Sugata is and has always been isolated on this island since everyone he knows (Benio, maids, Keito) is going to betray him. Finally he just need to show him some flashback / illusion of Takuto and Wako together to make him feel he’s not needed anymore for the final touch.

      I guess we can say up til now the series has also been building up the fact that Sugata is opening up more to people since Takuto’s arrival. So it would make sense for Enokido to use this as the reason for Sugata to breakdown since

      1. I really don’t see how romance will play a part in Sugata’s betrayal.

      2. Head is one manipulative bastard so he might be able to pull this off on Sugata.

      3. Takuto will be the rightful person to save Sugata again, besides the fact that he is the main character (I smell strong homolust ending with Takuto / Sugata hugging each other in the end if this is the direction we are going) and why Filament / Bougainvilleae would help Takuto (So they can save Sugata)

      • Nox said:

        That’s certainly possible, but I’ve been thinking that his full name is Tokio Tsunashi. Their duties seem to be to protect him and his fiance, as well as prevent him from ever leaving.

        I agree that whatever is going on was with the Shindou Family’s consent and that it isn’t something Head just started having her do. If that were the case, it would seem most likely that what she’s doing is keeping him out of a coma.

        That would really work quite well. If Head could break down his trust in others and bring him to a low enough point, he could convince him that his best decision is to join with him.

        Or they could subvert that and have him not fall for it.

        Romance won’t play too much of a part unless Takuto does something to hurt Wako that makes Sugata quite angry.

        I suppose what I’m wondering is, once Head has turned Sugata, what does he do then? Does he just puppet Sugata around?

  14. I think Sugata’s feelings for Wako are more platonic than truly romantic at this point. You could even say “brotherly”.

    For one, the both of them have grown up together on the island very closely and they seem to be pretty much the closest things each other has to siblings/family. (Notice that Sugata has no one else at home except him and the maids; or at least I’ve never seen any)

    So, probably the reason why Sugata keeps pushing Wako on to Takuto is probably a combination of this “brotherly” feelings, Sugata’s own sense of inadequacy as well as a way of rebelling towards the Sugata traditions that he has expressed hatred for.

    In a way, Sugata cares very deeply for Wako that transcends romantic feelings and physical needs. He just truly wants her to be free and happy without being forcefully tied down by the island’s traditions and her hereditary responsibilities. Which is not surprising to see Takuto as a way to give her all that. That’s probably why he keeps playing matchmaker between them.

    Of course, that’s based on what’s been happening so far. Things could still change, especially after seeing the preview for the next episode.

  15. rightofleft said:

    Crazy speculah time.

    Katashiro/Shingo’s First Phase has something to do with transferring one’s soul into another body/vessel.

    I want to say the current Head is using an artificial body created by the Science Guild, and it is probably the second or third body he’s been using. This may sort of explain why Professor Silver is part of the coup, because they have been working together all along. This may also explain why Head doesn’t age nor does he need to sleep.

    Katashiro is merely an artificial vessel that Shingo is using. Hence we haven’t seen Katashiro since the introduction of this Shingo character, because his soul is back in the right body and is in the process of recovering.

    Head is concern about the state Shingo is in because he needs that First Phase so he can take over Sugata’s body.

    Katashiro also did the same thing to Sora. And the body she’s using? You guessed it, Sarina. So you can say she is indeed Takuto’s mom but at the same time she is not. That’s also why we are getting the track with both Sarina and Head.

    Head is in love with the image / body of Sora but not Sora herself. That’s why he doesn’t want to meet Sarina and is painting her image over and over again.

    All of these would resolve the five most mysterious characters (Head, Katashiro, Shingo, Sora, Sarina) and would justify the importance of Shingo and his late appearance. And most importantly it is very possible to wrap all of these up in 5 episodes.

    In the end we will see a rematch between Sugata/Head and Takuto, only that Head is using Sugata’s body to control Samekh. So the trio will still stay together in the end because Head is doing the fighting and not Sugata.

    In any case I hope next episode will be THE turning point for SD.

    • Nox said:

      Now THAT, I like. It resolves about everything to a degree and provides us with a reason for Sugata to fight Takuto aside from the other discussed reasons.

      The only problem I see is that it sounds a bit too similar to Kou’s ability and no two abilities have really come across as the same. We’ve already done body possession in a sense after all.

      If that was the case, I wonder how they could get Sugata back though.

      • rightofleft said:

        I really want to say Takuto’s mysterious ability will bring Sugata back but not quite sure how it will unfold.

    • LavenderGray said:

      Wow, that’s…a really neat idea. Not sure how likely it is, but it’s a neat idea.

      Personally, I’m not too worried about the show tying up all the loose ends. We’ve seen before that Star Driver can drop a lot of information in a short amount of time. For example, instead of a lot of exposition explaining the concept of a Ginga Bishonen, they just had Head say “You didn’t think you were the only Ginga Bishonen?” then had Window Star call herself a Ginga Bishonen. At that point, you could pretty much figure out what it means. Also I get the feeling some things will still be left mysterious/ambiguous by the end. A bit like the last episode of Utena, though I doubt it will be quite that oblique.

      • rightofleft said:

        Yea at this point with only 5 episodes left I’m more concerned about having a happy end / or at least explain what will happen to some of the key characters than anything else.

    • az said:

      The Sora = Sarina thing seems almost obvious when you put it like that, and yet I don’t know that anybody had really come up with it before (besides all the “lol she’s his mom guys” bullshitting that’s been going on forever).

      I don’t know about Head changing bodies – the fact that he still looks almost exactly like his original Tokio form suggests to me that his problem is simply the inability to age or sleep. I guess he could be transferring his soul into a new body whenever the one he’s using gets too old, but where would the new bodies come from? Clones? Seems like a bit of a stretch unless they were using the previous West Maiden to make them or something. At this point it still seems to me that the most likely explanation for Head’s agelessness/insomnia is that his soul is always in Zero Time or something.

      I don’t think that Head actually bodyswapping with Sugata is likely: if this were the case, he could just get Kou to do it for him, apprivoise Samekh, and have done with the whole mess. But I still think that he’s trying to get a hold of Samekh’s mark, possibly transfer it to himself somehow.

      Also, remember that it’s been implied Tauburn will fight Reshbal again (ED shows them fighting under the “departure form” of Zero Time) so I don’t think Head is actually going to be able to take Sugata’s mark/body/whatever.

      • Nox said:

        Head taking the mark is still a possibility that I like it and we do need an explanation on where Head got his mark, especially if he is Takuto’s father and a part of the Tsunashi line.

        It does? It just looks like regular Zero Time to me, just in that darker shade we got with some battles.

        The opening hints as well since Reshbal was using some sort of hand projectile attack that we didn’t see at all in 16.

        I’m beginning to think that Reshbal rematch will occur in 24 and that we’ll resolve the conflict between Takuto and Head in that episode. Maybe a bit strange to have Head out of the game so to speak an episode before the end though.

        Or maybe Sugata apprivoises Samekh, fights Takuto a bit, and then Head shows up and goes vampire on Samekh to steal his libido and become King Reshbal. At which point we get a double team of Takuto and Sugata against Head.

      • rightofleft said:

        True. Head could’ve simply ask Kou to do it for him and just be done with it. In fact if the girls wanted to this series could’ve ended this episode.

        Maybe Head is not aware of Kou and Madoka’s abilities? Since these two act on their on agenda and don’t seem to be really involved with whatever VA is doing. Though it would be a bit surprising that Head doesn’t know their First Phase.

        I’m throwing the body snatching as a possibility because we learn that in this episode it’s possible to use the marks even if you are not the actual person (it seems that Kou/Madoka could’ve used Tau mark even though Takuto wasn’t the one using it)

        Meaning the mark is linked to body and not to the mind. This can also overcome the bloodline issue and thus rule out the possibility that Head is everyone’s dad.

        • Nox said:

          I’m actually curious as to whether they are aware of Sugata’s importance since they didn’t give any consideraton to him. If they had ended it all here, then they wouldn’t be able to fight anyone anymore which would make things less fun.

          I actually expect someone like Ginta to call them on this since he was likely that crow.

          I’d be surprised if Head wasn’t aware of what they could do, though he doesn’t seem to bother with trying to reign them in at all either so maybe he doesn’t care so long as they don’t really mess with his plans.

          It could go some way to giving us an explanation for where Head got the Res mark, provided he didn’t get it from his mother’s side or something.

          Actually, what happens if harm comes to their original bodies? Does that undo the trick or would they have been stuck with Takuto and Sugata?

    • lilu said:

      We already have a body swapper and that’s Kou and Ginta who can do something like that with animals. Katashiro’s ability is something else. Head’s body is the same as in the flashbacks, so it’s obvious that he just doesn’t age and most likely Katashiro’s ability is just to age(we already have Midori who can become young) – Head and Katashiro is like yin and yang as Sugata and Takuto. So Sarina is just left to be and an alien, some star driver’s girl or one of the millions girls Head throws away in his long life.

    • kargarus said:

      Yes, this would be very interesting!!

    • Even thought that would be a heck of a lot of body snatching (ie, it sounds a little complicated for SD to pull off without that much foreshadowing) I do really like this theory as well. It does cover a lot of bases anyway.

  16. mz said:

    Don’t know if I’m reading too much into things or not, but I just noticed in that last purikura shot with “Happy Birthday” on the bottom, Wako’s got her arms around Takuto and Sugata. The hand she’s got around Sugata is making the kiraboshi sign.

    • kargarus said:

      Whereabouts is this pic out of curiosity?

      • Nox said:

        It’s the last of the pics they took with the booth with the giant Happy Birthday on it. A bit hard to see, but it’s there.

        You also have the ending where Sugata’s left hand is in the gesture in the part where they are surrounded by the Crux and he’s facing Keito.

        • kargarus said:

          Thanks, checked them out and could just make out Wako’s slight kiraboshi. Totally missed Sugata’s in the ed there, my excuse for that is the interesting costumes flashing by the screen which are kinda distracting, lol.

          • Nox said:

            Yeah, it’s not really notable unless you look at everything since your eye is more drawn to the Crux members. Keito facing Sugata is probably some indication to her role in bringing him to their side or whatever it is she’s doing.

  17. kargarus said:

    Star Driver Speculah bingo, I like! So I guess we can start playing this next week?!

    Interesting points you’ve raised. You know I’ve been thinking about (as many have) how the trio is going to fall out, Sugata becoming the final boss/joining the Crux etc, but you’ve noted how tight knit their friendship is.

    Could it be that there’ll be no fall out? It would certainly make for a twist. I remember when Takuto and Sugata had their fall out earlier in the series and it was like oh no, here we go, best friends become enemies and it…just..didn’t happen, haha.

    Maybe they will just remain best of buds however things pan out?!

    As for girls taking the initiative.. its certainly a different approach (in terms of recent anime I’ve seen that I can think of..). It probably has some connection with the sexual under/overtones of the show perhaps? Though what these references add up to in terms of an overall theme/message I haven’t speculated much yet on really…

    • Nox said:

      No fall out is a possibility and would be quite surprising, but it sort makes one question what the point of those meetings with Head and all that stuff about the Emperor was about if that was the case.

      I believe it was stated that nothing was ever really resolved from that fight and that they were just at the beginning of really understanding one another. Having another fight then would allow them to settle whatever problems they are having with one another, even though it does seem a bit odd just to have a repeat.

  18. Nox said:

    Hmm, we should see the next set of magazines and summaries around the first week of March, right? That’d probably have summaries through episode 25 I’d imagine.

    I’m wondering if Head was using the R signature back then, even if he was still going by Tokio. Could Reiji have been a pseudonym he used as a painter? Is it at all common for painters to do that?

    And is there anything to the last names Miyabi and Mikabi being so similar?

    And I just realized, the best chance for a Bingo I can see is a Diagonal starting from the top O to the bottom B.

    • Yeah, and the short ones should be out around the 24th of this month.

      I think there are a few possibilities about that (I’m assuming this question has to do with the issue of how Takuto could have identified the painting if Head’s real, real name is Tokio):
      1. Reiji Miyabi is his painterly pseudonym and always has been (it is very poetic sounding).
      2. He adopted the name later and that’s when he started signing paintings “R.” (it’s still possible to solve Takuto’s ID in this case: for example, Head could have sent a painting back to Ikuro (or something else could have occurred such that Takuto would have seen one of the paintings i.e. and art show or a newspaper article or something) linking the R paintings and Takuto’s dad; alternately Takuto might just recognize the style)

      Miyabi and Makiba are strangely similar. 牙 (kiba, fang) is the left radical in 雅 (miyabi, elegant).

      • Nox said:

        Oh, very nice. Whatever we don’t get out of this episode in answers I think the short ones at least could give us clear indications of what’s coming, though I’d imagine they’ll shy from saying “Sugata, who has joined the Crux….”

        Yeah, that was where the question came from.

        Either sounds like a good possibility. Another one with the second is that Takuto might have recognized the girl in the painting as his mother, which it very well may be.

        Right, sorry I got the name wrong. Interesting, though I have no clue what that might mean if anything at all.

        On another note, I realized that the kids Takuto saw by the lighthouse in episode 4 were Sugata, Wako, and Keito as children. Nice little touch there.

  19. theflow said:

    Random: how about we make another bingo card, each with the exact opposite of what we have speculated to see how far off we are? =)

  20. Záresh said:

    Crazy theory here.

    A friend of mine and I were thinking… What if Head has / had a brother? His brother got his mark, Tau, from his father (takuto’s grandpa) and Head, Resh from his mother (takuto’s grandma) or someone else. Head stole his brother girlfriend when head’s brother dissapeared / died and the mark of Tau returned to takuto’s grandpa. Then Takuto was born, his mother left the island with him and things happened. Of course, Takuto is not Head’s brother son, but Head’s himself.

    Besides, Enokido said Reshbal and Tauburn are mecha siblings, didn’t he?

  21. setosdarkness said:

    Nice work on the bingo!

    I’m gonna try to make some random tl;dr musings/speculations here.

    I don’t think the “shocking scene” Takuto witnesses is Sugata kissing/leaning close/whatever to Wako. The room Wako’s in doesn’t seem to be visible from where Takuto and the ninja maids are. (And besides, I don’t think Tiger would look that happy/blushy~ if it was Sugata kissing Wako LOL)

    Since Takuto’s going to be helping around Sugata’s house… maybe he sees something from behind Head’s paintings (maybe a note/scrap of paper/something)? Sugata did mention that his house had a lot of those right? Or maybe he ends up stumbling upon some ancient photo albums and see Head/his father/Shingo/Sora/Sarina(?!).

    And this is probably because I’m dying to see Sugata’s portrait, but maybe the scene Takuto and the maids see is Head visiting Sugata to do the painting? …This can be the ‘shocking scene’ too, depending on whether Takuto recognizes Head’s appearance.

    Also, I doubt that Shingo and Head were having drunken shenanigans, since there was a shot of Shingo just smiling & not-blushing (he only blushes when Head gets close to him). Head really does seduce everyone LOL

    In any case, next episode should be exciting! :D

    • Nox said:

      Sugata doesn’t usually do acts of affection like kissing so actually seeing him do it might cause them to blush like that.

      Possible I suppose, but why at this point would Sugata even let Head get near him? He established he didn’t trust him and he isn’t going to let someone like that in. If he does the painting in a later episode as a prior to becoming the Emperor, that could maybe wrok.

      • setosdarkness said:

        Well, Sugata already knew that Benio is part of the Crux but he was still fairly okay with being near her during the dorm party – so I was thinking that Sugata is okay with separating ‘Crux persona’ from ‘IRL persona’?

        • Nox said:

          I think it might have something to do with the fact that he didn’t think Takuto would lose.

          I suppose it is rather strange though.

  22. rightofleft said:

    Nice timeline update!

    According to your info Sora must’ve gotten pregnant either she was still in high school or soon afterward. I wonder if that has something to do with the possibility that she’s a maiden. It’s kind of hard to imagine she would want to get pregnant at such early age.

    And damn Head, what have you been doing during those past 15+ years, scheming on this all along?

    • Well, she could have gotten pregnant a fair bit later than high school, it’s just that Takuto’s age is the only way to date the flashback at this point, so it has to have occurred at least 15 years ago, but probably more. Though it does give us a rough estimate of Head’s actual age. Ikuro is probably in his mid-60s to mid-70s at the oldest and Takuto is 15~16, so on the low end Head’s in his early 30s on the high end… depending on how old you think Ikuro is and how early he had Head he could be 50ish? But, I think 30s-40s is probably the most reasonable. I guess Katashiro’s probably a good indicator (he looks 40-something to me but lol anime–but if he is in his 40s, and is roughly the same age as Head, then Sora probably didn’t get pregnant with Takuto until a few years after high school).

      • rightofleft said:

        Ah I see, that does make sense.

        Also, not sure if there’s any significance but Midori / Professor Green actually graduated from the same school roughly 10 years ago. So maybe it’s kind of far fetched, perhaps Midori is also one of the girls from Head’s painting?

        • Oh, I forgot about that, I should add her to the timeline. It’s certainly possible that she was involved with Head since he has been through a lot of girls, but I suspect in the 10 years ago range he might have been off the island for a time––I still have the sneaking suspicion that Mizuno’s “father” that Fujino was chasing was infact Head, and assuming she wasn’t mistaken he wasn’t on the island at the time.

  23. Ary said:

    Is it just me or this two shadows are very similar?:

    And i don’t think he is Head, its not the same hairstyle (and not the same colour…):


  24. Reaper said:

    A good Bingo card indeed. Though I think there should be Leon, because he seems to desire to become young again. That’s quite obvious though.

  25. Nox said:

    Thanks for the timeline.

    Does anyone think we’re ever going to get more of an explanation on this Galactic Civilization? It was mentioned once in 12 and hasn’t been thought about or brought up since.

    I’ve been thinking that Sora may be dead and that was the reason why Head abandoned Takuto and left the island. Or maybe he sacrificed her for power of some sort per the story.

    Is that whole thing with Takuto and Sugata having the same birthday ever going to come up again? Maybe it will turn out to be one of those little things that tie them together.

    • I’m sure it’ll be touched on, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it stays pretty vague/nebulous depending on how important a role it ends up playing in things (like, if Head/Sarina/etc turn out to be aliens then it’ll probably be a big thing, but if it’s just like lol ancient technology we might not find out much more about it).

      I think Sora’s dead too. Maybe Takuto is the “ship” in the story (spilling the girl’s blood to move the ship = Sora dying in childbirth?). Could explain Head’s “fuck you, what do you know” reaction to fishy’s “welp, and the boy never really loved the girl, so that’s why he killed her” ending (not that 100 other things could too, but it’s a thought). Then again, Sora looked a fair bit older in the watch photo than she did in the high school flashback, and if that was just 16 years ago… she had to have had Takuto pretty close to then. idk

      • Nox said:

        True, while it helps the viewers understand things more by giving us backstory, it wouldn’t be surprising if no one in the show really cares. Unless someone is an alien.

        I suppose I’m just sort of hoping for an explanation for why the seal system was put into place.

        Hmm, that could fit. She did seem a bit older than she looks in the preview so it could be that it’s the lighting or something. I’m pretty sure that photo was taken on the island from what little we can see of the background.

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