Meanwhile at 19.04s

Cup: Royal Albert, “Rainbow”
Tea: Prince of Wales

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  1. anonymous said:

    That is a beautiful teacup. I don’t suppose you have a full set?

    • Just odd ones here and there. I’m more a fan of having an eclectic collection than full sets for whatever reason. This one’s the Royal Albert’s “Rainbow” pattern.

  2. Marina said:

    That looks like an absolutely spectacular cup of tea. Now I have to have some.

  3. Wivania said:

    Oh, what a beautiful tea cup. ♥ I’ll go and make tea now, too. xD

  4. Looks really nice! Now at least I can say you’re female……….. >.>…<..> right? xD

  5. Durp said:

    Wow that is a pretty awesome tea cup. I really like the colour of it a lot.

  6. Crowd Stack said:

    The gradient (for lack of a better word, lol) makes it look like the cup just blends into the plate it’s sitting on. Very cool indeed.

    *goes off to make tea* :I

  7. Val said:

    Oh, how beautiful. Now I want one too… goes off to find it.

    • There are a bunch of this style on eBay for relatively cheap (comes in like 6 colors too iirc). I think I got mine for like $14?

  8. Xeijan said:

    This made me want to go buy a tea cup,
    …So I can put tea in a fancy good-looking cup. ;D

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