Penguin Drum BD1 Bonus CD Tracklisting

1 運命の子たち – The Children of Fate
2 キラキラ – Sparkling
3 ボーイミーツガール – Boy Meets Girl
4 ペンギン0号殺ペン事件 (オーディオドラマ) – The Murder of Penguin 0 (Audio Drama)
5 ピングミッション – Penguin Mission
6 セクシーが来た! – Here Comes Sexy!
7 珊瑚の迷路 – Labyrinth of Coral
8 僕たちの望みの喜びよ – The Joy of Our Desiring


The first BD will be out on the 26th, that’s two days from now. If you can afford it you should probably consider buying it if for no other reason than the fact that the extras look fucking sweet:

– Episodes 1-3
– Audio commentary on all three episodes. Episode 1 is with Arakawa Miho (Himari) and Ikuni. Episodes 2 and 3 are with Arakawa Miho (Himari), Miyake Marie (Ringo) and Ikuni.
– HD versions of the 6 pre-show CMs
– Bonus CD containing:
— 7 OST tracks (listed above)
— The audio drama “The Murder of Penguin 0,” featuring: Kimura Subaru (Kanba), Kimura Ryohei (Shoma), Arakawa Miho (Himari) and Miyake Marie (Ringo) with script by: Takahashi Kei
– 4P guide booklet (this has a long interview with Ikuhara in it, it looked like it was 4 pages of solid text when they flashed it on KossoPin)
12P bonus booklet, “Princess of the Crystal” corrected genga collection
– Postcards of Hoshino Lily’s endcards for the first three episodes


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  1. hurin said:

    I can afford it, but since I don’t understand Japanese it has no value to me. I promise to buy this series if it ever gets licensed. Not sure if it will, I’m still waiting for Bakemonogatari.

  2. hurin said:

    btw. there is something wrong with your page, on the main page the last update is from 12/10.

    • Oh, that post is just “stickied.” It’ll stay at the top of the page until I change its status.

  3. I’ll definitely consider buying this. Oh, by the way, I wanted to ask if you are still selling any of those 00 doujins, Haro? Of Regene and Tieria.

    • Ah, sorry, I’d probably sell any of my 00 doujinshi but those. The ones with Regene in ‘em are probably the only ones I’m particular attached to.

  4. Ah, I see. Do you know of any good websites to find any of those Tieria and Regene doujins? I’ve been trying to find them everywhere, but sadly, most of the Japanese sites don’t ship out internationally for the ones I’ve found. :x It’d be nice if you can point me to some sites that do ship out internationally…with those kind of doujins of Tieria and Regene. ^^

    • None of the Innovators were really that popular to begin with (well, outside of Tieria) so there really aren’t that many books to begin with, at least that I could find. And to complicate matters 00’s kind of old now and most places that still stock doujinshi for it are probably only going to have the popular mainstay pairings. At any rate, I’d try Mandarake first. They probably don’t have any right now but their stock changes pretty frequently and they ship internationally at reasonable prices. Your other option is of course to try YJ auctions with a proxy but that can be expensive and Regene’s a weirder character so you’re likely to only find books featuring him in lots (in my experience at least).

  5. Yeah, proxy’s are expensive. I’ve tried going on there without one and everyone seems to not want to ship out internationally because they said they don’t know how to ship out internationally. But thanks, I’ll be keeping a look at Mandarake. It seems to be a reliable site to look for those kinds of doujins.

  6. mako said:

    Makes me wish I had more money to throw at Japan. (But man do they need to do something about that exchange rate.)

    • >But man do they need to do something about that exchange rate.


      I like how now the exchange rate basically cancels out the discounts you get from Amazon (compared to like 6 months ago).

  7. Deko said:

    What’s the catalog number of the soundtrack disc? SSX-10205?

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