The Basara Movie

Some notes about the Basara Movie:

First off, this took a long time because 1) me and my friend, who was the primary TL on this, both have jobs and other lol fansubbing obligations and 2) everyone talks really fucking weird. For example:

Mitsunari? That fucker loves making up words because actual Japanese isn’t angry enough to convey his RAGE. We were considering smashing together English words to reflect this, but most of our solutions were too stupid sounding to work at all (ex. “zanmetsu” yeah that’s not actually a word, it’s “decapitate” smashed into “destroy” -– I almost made it “decapistroy”).

His other tic is that he likes to use passive imperatives. No that’s not a typo PASSIVE IMPERATIVES (morelike passive aggressive amirite). So shit like ordering people, not to “die” but to “BE KILLED.”

I’m sure some of you hate how we rendered Masamune in the translation, but in our most humble opinions, no one has quite captured just how fucking obnoxious he is in English. Even his voice actor thinks he’s an obnoxious little shit (at the VA greeting event before the movie premier we went to, Nakai said something to the effect of “I feel kind of bad for Mitsunari. He’s just honestly trying to avenge his lord and then THIS FUCKER crashes in, spouting English left and right and generally being totally disrespectful!”).

Also, any Engrish errors (“Long time know see!”) were present in the script included with the Bluray. We left them intact because, quite frankly, Masamune is an idiot.

Other things:

You may have noticed that we translated the nicknames (Gyobu, Kingo, etc). They’re pretty much all plays on obscure Chinese court titles or similar things. I don’t remember specifics on all of them, but we tried to pick things that made sense and sounded reasonably like a nickname instead of a long string of words.

Mitsunari’s nicknames “The Minister of Misfortune” and “The King of Misfortune” are the same sort of thing. The longer title includes a play on how you read the kanji for Mitsunari. We went with “misfortune” over some variant on “evil” because idk, Mitsunari just comes off more pathetic than evil.

What else… Oh yeah, so this fucking movie has some lines/scenes that are so utterly incomprehensible that a lot of native Japanese people had no fucking clue what was going on in them. I found a lengthy post on one of those ask-people-questions sites in which one person asked for an explanation of that scene with Mitsunari and Otani in front of the Hideyoshi statue because Otani’s using metaphors + old timey Japanese, and in return got a 7 paragraph response from someone claiming to have seen the movie 6 times.

For some lines we decided to ignore whatever was literally being said in favor of cribbing lines from the US release of Basara 3 (see: some attack names, Oichi’s song and Keiji’s Basara phrase, though I made some tweaks to Oichi’s song to reflect what happens later). We sorta just picked and chose based on our own preferences for lines (basically if the Japanese was stupid we went with the English localization), so it’s not really a consistency thing.

And lastly (for now at least), when they re-kill Nobunaga at the end, he utters half of his historical final words: zehi mo nashi––which is just fancy old timey Japanese for everyone’s favorite “shikata ga nai.”

I think my friend and I should really get together and write some posts about actual history vs. Basara, because while Basara’s obviously completely ridiculous and not really attempting to be historically accurate pretty much ever, there are some interesting little nods to ~actual history~ that are pretty interesting.

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  1. cala said:

    thanks for your hard work xD
    and if you ever get around to writing those posts with actual history in them I will love to read them

  2. Raikoho said:

    Excuse me, why is everything so negative?
    Yea they were mistakes but overall it was a great movie

    Mitsunari was obsessed with vegeance, way better than “Im the true ruler of the world” Bad guy… He wasnt pathetic, he was aware of wat he was doing and why…
    Masamune isn’t dumb tho he acts like it… He still shows to be level headed and calm in a fight, and is actually smart in battle, his speech is probably how he thought it was supposed to be said in correct english…
    Im not thanking you at all, you did all this to trash someones hardwork, ask me i think your the pathetic one…

  3. Reaper said:

    Will you continue to translate Penguindrum novels (yeah, I understand that after the final it doesn’t feel like it’s very important, but whatever) and, what interests me much more, Schell Bullet?

  4. acme said:

    Hi Haro,

    I couldn’t find your email address so, I’ll, uh, just leave it here. Hopefully you’ll see this wwww
    Hailing from Acmedan, could we ask for a bit help just in case something keeps our current TL?

    Please email us at to let us know how feel about this. 

  5. Neosmith said:

    Dear shojokakumeii00,

    This is kinda strange. I am a Xenosaga fan, who used to post on and I recall that you made a lot of really good posts about the series back when it was still coming out, epecially when it came to various guidebooks like Xeno Emission.

    I don’t know if you’re still a Xeno fan at all, but anyway, I was wondering if maybe you’d be interested in helping out the xeno community translate some unearthed Famitsu articles about the series.

    They may very well shed light on some of the behind-the-scenes events of Episode II.


    Please let me know if you’re interested. I completely understand if you are not.


  6. The handsome stranger with the hairy balls said:

    So sad.

  7. Your entire blog post, “The Basara Movie 19.
    04 SECONDS” ended up being very well worth writing a comment here!

    Only wanted to point out you really did a superb job.
    Thank you -Tilly

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