Hadaka Shitsuji Fandisk Site Open

Might as well blog news again.

The previously announced Hadaka Shitsuji Fandisk (more like sequel) has an official site up finally.

The contents of the site are pretty much identical to the initial announcement in B’s Log a while ago, but here’s what it says anyway:

Take it all off!

A tale of an outrageously cruel master and masochistic butlers.

The protagonist, Tomoaki Maeda is a totally normal college student.
When he was really hurting for cash, he jumped at the opportunity to take a strange job as a ‘substitute master.’

Spending every day in a luxurious mansion, indulging in the good life while ordering butlers around.
And once Tomoaki gets used to it all, his orders take an unthinkable turn…


––To everyone who loves Hadaka Shitsuji,
In response to your passionate cheers, we’ve decided to make a fandisk!

It’ll be one volume that won’t pale in comparison to the original in terms of density:
Take it all off again and enjoy your lascivious life the Master on the “Yarashitsuji” Side {pun: lewd+butler} or, indulge in the nice and sweet, “Yasashitsuji” Side {pun: nice + butler} in which the master and former butler’s relationship does a 180.

Naturally, the protagonist (the master) is exclusively seme!

*It is possible to clear the game without having played the original Hadaka Shitsuji.
However, it’s probably more fun if you’ve played the original first.

What are the Yarashitsuji  and Yasashitsuji sides?

The master is in perfect form once again!
“Yarashitsuji” Side 

Somehow, Tomoaki’s become the master for real. Perhaps you could call it progress, because he spends his days performing his duties in a most dignified manner.

Amidst his busy schedule, he finally gets a well earned week off.
How and with whom will he spend it?

A return to the do-anything-and-everything-you-want master’s life!!

A sweeeeet? life with a former butler
“Yasashitsuji” Side

When his job as substitute master was over, he thought he’d return to his former life, but the time he spent as master changed both their destinies dramatically. A bitter-sweet ‘what if’ future scenario between the former master and one of his former butlers who are in a more-than-friends-but-not-quite-lovers relationship.

A sequel to each of the “love” endings.
Includes: “Sakuma Chapter” “Ichinose Chapter” “Komine Chapter” “Arisato Chapter” and the “Toudou Chapter.”

There’s nothing new in the character profiles. Release date is still TBA!

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  1. Nick-Quintano said:

    No hate, to those who really dislike Hadaka Shitsuji, but I’m a fan and I like it. (Big fan of Yaoi :D)

    I really need someone to provide.. at download link? Torrent? :D
    I’d be paying to play but.. I doubt they sell it in my country. :(
    I don’t really trust paying online or via the internet.

  2. Charla said:

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  4. schokokeksxd7 said:

    does anyone know if there is an english patch for this game? :)

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