Hadaka Shitsuji Fandisk B’s Log Feature (July Issue)

Roommate happened to buy an issue of B’s-Log, so I figured I might as well post the HS segment.

This month the focus is on the “Lewd” side. Again, it’s a continuation of the True/Harem end from the original game (more general info here). The system for this section of the FD is the same as the original––you select the characters on the mansion map to trigger events/etc.

Ichinose’s blurb:

The Space-case Gardener: Ichinose Touya

The person in charge of the estate’s gardens. A not particularly expressive young man.

Tomoaki wants to see Ichinose embarrassed, so…
Since Ichinose has no issues being naked, Tomoaki’s solution to satiating his burning desire to harass him is, “put something on instead of taking it all off.”  How does Ichinose react upon looking at himself in the mirror after he’s been outfitted in a wig, lovely women’s lingerie and carefully applied makeup…? We didn’t get to see Ichinose crossdress in the original, but now we can!

CG text: “That’s not… Ichinose…!” {note: this is almost certainly Ichinose talking}

Sakuma’s blurb:

The Perfect Butler: Sakuma Kyouichi

An elite butler in charge of all the other servants in the estate. He has an earnest and obedient personality.

He’s making unreasonable requests of Sakuma to alleviate his built-up stress!?
Tomoaki’s started his fantasy life as master, but he’s been so busy every day it’s really stressing him out. On this rare holiday, Tomoaki takes the opportunity to relax by testing the limits of his butlers’ obedience. This time he makes the unreasonable request of Sakuma, “lick my armpit!” Naturally, the ever obedient Sakuma complies…

CG text: Absolute obedience to the master!?


Don’t feel like translating the interview with Tomoaki (yeah that’s actually the VA’s name, can’t be bothered to remember how to read his fake ass name) about the single right now, but I should note that the ‘cosplay’ he’s wearing in the recording session shots is apparently from Togo Mito himself, lol. (I’m like seriously convinced that Togo Mito is just mad gay for Maeno Tomoaki at this point.)


Lastly we have an interview with (and by, lol) Togo Mito about the “Lewd” side of the fandisk

Mr. Togo Mito does the customary self-interview for us. {I guess B’s Log can’t be assed to even provide their own questions? lol} This time, it’s about the “Lewd Side”:

Togo (T from here on): It sure has gotten warm again. It’s such a lovely day outside, but I almost never go outside, so that’s me, Togo Mito.

Mito (M from here on): But we do go out for walks sometimes, right? Togo Mito here too.

T: So, everyone, the Hadaka Shitsuji fandisk has been greenlit! This time we’ll be talking about the “Lewd” side.

M: In the “Lewd” side, the main character has overcome all sorts of bumps in the road to acquire the mansion and become the master for real! So in that sense, it’s a continuation of the “Naked Butler” end. So, I guess we’ll go from there.

T: Well, the “Lewd” side is after you get with the lewd butlers, so naturally it’s in that same vein.

M: In other words, Tomoaki’s gonna run amok doing whatever he wants again, like the brat he is.

T: ‘Brat’ almost makes it sound cute though.

M: The original took place over a month, but this time it’s just one week.

T: Yeah, I hear a lot of people saying, “huh, isn’t that a little short?” But, this one week in the life of the master, is less a sequence of events taking us, bit by bit, to some distant future and more a single piece of time plucked out of that lifestyle.

M: So it’s more a matter of density then. I mean, Tomoaki’s always been kind of off from the beginning (lol), so he lives like ridiculous things are totally normal. But, wait? Doesn’t that mean there’s only one ending? Well that’s not fun at all.

T: Oh no. Even if that’s the case, there are multiple ending. Please look forward to controlling Tomoaki’s life as master just a bit (?). {that (?) is in the original}

M: There are so many endings I still want to make. About as many as the original had.

T: I don’t know about that yet, but I don’t want the concentration of the story to pale in comparison to the original.

M: Well it is the ‘lewd side’ so it better be lewd!

T: There should be lots of types of scenes that weren’t in the original.

M: Are they gonna use the aphrodisiac this time?

T: Oui.

M: Are the side-characters going to show up?

T: Oui. It is a fan disk after all, so I’d like to use as many characters from the original as I can. So far in the “Lewd Side,” Sayaka and Saki {Toudou’s brother} are set to appear throughout the whole story.

M: So, are there going to be any [scenes] with more than three people involved? {this is super vague but I’m guessing this question and it’s answer are hinting at a… uh… six?-some  lol}

T: Oui. Since all the butlers living together like usual, naturally everyone should get along (lol).

M: Is it true that there are going to be new characters?

T: Oui.

M: Even though it’s a fan disk? (lol) You’re really going to have new characters?

T: It’s not like fan disks have a set format, so I just figured I should do whatever I want with it (lol).

T & M: And with that, please cheer me on as I diligently work away at the Hadaka Shitsuji fan disk!

And that’s about it. They do a segment like this almost every month (spoilers: B’s-log’s contents are like 90% the same month-to-month) with 2 new CGs each time from what I understand. Still no release date, but that’s to be expected. My guess is they might try announcing an eta at the Hadaka Shitsuji Festival thing in November.

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