Ikuhara’s new project, Penguinbear?

Been posting about this all day on /a/, might as well consolidate everything in a post.

Ikuni tweeted the following yesterday:

@ikuni_noise: Has no one noticed yet? RT @lvdctv: I’m really concerned about how everyone’s going to react to “that,” but I guess we won’t know until tomorrow? ( ・(ェ)・ )

(Note: @lvdctv is Penguindrum’s producer.)

Turns out, a mysterious URL was included on one of the postcards in the goods pack the Penguindrum team is selling at Comiket right now: http://www.penguinbear.com/

This is all that’s on the site at the moment:

It’s pretty similar to the early Penguindrum splash sites. The text reads, “Find it without getting mixed up in that transparent/invisible storm.” Transparent/Invisible being one of those keywords from the show.

So what is Penguinbear? Your guess is as good as mine. This chunk of that one event report from shortly after the show ended might be relevant though:

One audience member asked: “Do you have any desire to remake Penguindrum with the same cast of characters, but completely gag or completely serious? What would it be about?”

(Personally, I took this as a question about whether there were any plans to produce a parallel story continuation type thing, lol)

Ikuhara: “I do.”
Audience: Zawa… zawa…
Ikuhara: “As far as what it’d be about….. that’s a secret *smirk*.”
Audience: WOAH

(Doesn’t it seem like a very Ikuhara-esq way to hint at a sequel? lol I think {the meat of} both the question and the answer was flying under the radar. The director’s a real entertainer.)

[EDIT] Koizumi just acknowledged the site through an RT. No one else on staff has mentioned it overtly yet. [EDIT2] Lol, he just undid it. I guess he wasn’t supposed to do that, haha.

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  1. It’d be nice if it was a new series rather than a movie, imo.

    • kurini said:

      me too! I can’t wait to be trolled everyweek (what a weird thing I’m saying) XD

  2. Silverspot said:

    Koizumi did however change his twitter profile picture to something Penguindrum related for the first time in like, forever. It’s the Amazon.jp exclusive vinyl Esmeralda on a subway car… Hehe Koizumi just can’t keep his mouth shut.

    Shibireru darou?

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