Star Driver Movie Special Interview 01: Miyano Mamoru

Oh, what’s this, me posting about Star Driver again? Anyway, this interview just went up on the movie site. Enjoy:

Special Interview 01

Miyano Mamoru (Tsunashi Takuto)

––Since you’ve just recently seen a preview screening of the film, could you give us your frank impression of it?

MIYANO I was really overwhelmed. It was so entertaining, and I got to see Star Driver again in movie form. To me, it’s kind of like [looking back on] my ‘youth.’ Like I really put my ‘youth’ in this series.

––So, Takuto himself aside, you put your ‘youth’ into it when you were playing him, huh.

MIYANO It was so dazzling I could barely make Takuto out (lol). During the climax, Wako has this line, “Maybe Takuto’s first phase is making everyone smile,” I think it’s something like that. Takuto worries and gets down in his own way, but everything about him just sparkles. He’s always honest and frank and never dwells on the past. I really felt that aspect of him in this film. Especially in the final scene, I was watching Takuto and I just started to tear up. Takuto’s radiance touched me and made my heart tremble, the tears just spilled out. I think it’s very powerful.

––We get a glimpse of Takuto a little more grown up in the new cuts.

MIYANO Getting to see a new side of everyone really made my heart pound. Like, “Wow! They’re in Shinjuku!” (lol). And that final scene is really impressive. It’s like, their story will still continue from here. When I thought, “They’ll carve out another, new story,” it made me want to meet Takuto and the others again. {I think it’s really cute how Miyano uses 会う re: Takuto}

––So, you’re interested in where Takuto and the others are headed from here on?

MIYANO In the last episode, [Takuto] said, “We’ll see a different, but even more amazing sky,” [there’s always] that ‘sky.’ Takuto’s lines that give voice to his convictions––like his “I can see it,” line and so on, I think those lines carry a really important message for us even in our regular lives. You can’t use magic to make your dreams come true, but you can cut open your own future if you hold those dreams tight and work toward them. It’s kind of a testament to that. I think that ‘sky’ that appears in the end is the embodiment of that positive energy.

––So, finally, please give a message to everyone eagerly waiting to see the movie.

MIYANO There are all sorts of things I want you to watch for, but ultimately, it’s “entertainment.” It’s a movie that’ll make you laugh and cry and feel refreshed when you finish watching it. So, everyone, don’t miss it. I think we should enjoy our ‘youth’ together. Let’s sing out our youths together!

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  1. tooru-chan said:

    Mamoru Miyano is so cute! I’m really happy with how he enjoyed performing in SD, especially when I watched the Inu x Boku SS seiyuu event and he did the Kiraboshi sign a couple of times.
    Like he said it really is entertainment and while it may not be a masterpiece it is one of the anime I can watch over and over. It’s just so fabulous.

    Thank you for your translations, I don’t have twitter but I enjoy reading your tweets and translations*feel like a stalker*

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