Ikuhara’s Twitter “rant” about creatives not reading books…

I hate to use the word “rant” because he’s not really angry about it, but anyway:



— 幾原邦彦 (@ikuni_noise) January 21, 2013

“How many books do you read a year?” That question tells me a lot about the people I’m working with.


— 幾原邦彦 (@ikuni_noise) January 21, 2013

Once, I was chatting with a young person who, “wants to be a screenwriter.” So I asked, “Any interesting book recommendations?” I was sure I was going to get a litany of popular light novel titles. But, he just responded, “I don’t read books.” I was shocked.


— 幾原邦彦 (@ikuni_noise) January 21, 2013

I’ve got something of a complex about the act of “reading books.” Because when I was in middle school, one of my classmates claimed to have read “200 books in a year.” I couldn’t stand him. I always believed, “the number of books you read is meaningless.” When I was in college, “a certain book” fell into my hands. (ctd.)


— 幾原邦彦 (@ikuni_noise) January 21, 2013

This book had some shocking contents. It changed the values I’d held up until then. And then I remembered, that that kid back in middle school had read it back then. I broke out into a cold sweat. He’d already experienced the same shock I’d just felt from it as a college student, in middle school? I have no contact with him now, so I have no idea if that’s significant at all. (ctd.)


— 幾原邦彦 (@ikuni_noise) January 21, 2013

But, I think this all stems from my impatience [to learn things I “wanted to] know” and [those I felt I] “must know.”


— 幾原邦彦 (@ikuni_noise) January 21, 2013

There was no way I could have just known that that book would change my life, I happened upon it. And thus my impatience. That sort of information was nowhere to be found on the internet…


— 幾原邦彦 (@ikuni_noise) January 21, 2013

And so, when I met a young person who, “wanted to be a voice actor,” and I asked, “Have you read any interesting books lately?” I got the response, “I don’t really read books.” It shocked me. I think being able to “interpret dialogue and stage directions” are critical skills for an actor. I think reading books is so important. Because when someone reads aloud, you’re getting their interpretation of the piece.

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  1. Jorge Leon said:

    Hello, did Ikuhara mention which book was this?

    • No. My guess is that it’s Demian since he’s been gay for it since forever. But it could be any number of things really.

      • Mital said:

        Seeing how important the content’s of the novel are for both Mawaru and Utena, I would guess as much. Still, it would be good to know if our guesses are correct, since we can trace many others european books in his works.

  2. I wish he said what book left that great impact on him.

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