Star Driver The Movie: Special Interview’s 2 & 3

Special Interview 02 Hayami Saori (Wako)


––Ms. HAYAMI, you’ve already seen a pre-screening, what did you think?

HAYAMI It was really intense, from beginning to end. First and foremost is moves really fast! (lol) The TV series moved pretty fast too, especially in the action scenes, but it’s even faster now. I saw the movie first thing in the morning, but it immediately blew away any feeling of drowsiness I had (lol).

––And Wako has a Galactic Pretty Boy costume now.

HAYAMI Yeah. Actually, I saw the design for the first time when we were recording for the radio show. I was there with Miyano (Mamoru) and we both exclaimed, “W-Wako!” when we saw it (lol). During the TV series we were always surrounded by other characters who had sexy components (lol), while Wako was always sort of simple in contrast, she almost had a boyish feel to her…. So when I saw her Galactic Pretty Boy costume, I thought, “this really brings out her feminine side!”

––After playing Wako again in the movie, what sort of impression do you have of her now?

HAYAMI She’s sorta broken free of the story so far, I think she’s pretty different from how she was in the TV series. I think Wako has an image of a lively, spirited girl. Especially in the beginning, but as the story progresses the circumstances around her change, she learns how Sugata feels about her and she gradually grows. Like, her heart has grown a few sizes or something. The movie in particular has a lot of scenes of Wako worrying, crying, and in pain. I think those scenes are really important to her character.

––Ms. Hayami, were there any scenes that left a particular impression on you personally?

HAYAMI The new parts for sure. And then in the middle with Wako’s new song.

––It’s quite a lovely song, isn’t it.

HAYAMI It’s really refreshing! (lol) It’s the kind of song that just makes you want to go to Hawaii or Paris or some place like that. Like, where the morning breeze comes through an open window, making lace curtains flutter about (lol). I think both the melody and lyrics reflect both Wako’s sparkling personality and her honest, straight-forward nature. You’ll have goosebumps throughout the whole movie, but please pay special attention to her song.

Special Interview 03
Fukuyama Jun (Sugata)


––You saw the film, so what did you think of it?

FUKUYAMA I thought it was a rather dense piece. During the screening I felt kind of exhausted* just looking at the screen, I guess you could say. Once it sucks you in the time goes by in a flash and you don’t even notice it. I think it’s a film that won’t betray the audience’s feelings. I hate to brag, but I think it was really interesting.

{*er, in a good way, I couldn’t think of a better way to phrase it, like, it’s jam-packed with stuff?}

––Mr. Fukuyama, which scenes caught your attention?

FUKUYAMA I think the part that completely drew me in was Mizuno and Marino’s story. That’s the point where, even as part of the TV series, the atmosphere is pretty different, and in the movie now, I think the way it was compiled, at least personally I found it very impressive… It felt like it pulled me right into the screen. While there’s certainly a wide variety of imagery [in the film], from Mizuno’s story on, it really sucks you in.

––You really can feel the drama of it in that part.

FUKUYAMA And, I really love the rapid-fire editing of the battle scenes in the beginning. Personally, it has a sort of, “don’t sweat the small stuff” type feel to it, and I really love it (lol). With Japanese animation, we always try to cover every little detail, but what’s really important is the overall shape of things. You can tell how much care was put into everything with Takuto, Wako and Sugata at the center along with the four Maidens’ stories at the center. There are playful sections-–and serious ones, like the Mizuno scenes I mentioned before, and there’s a clear contrast between them. All two and a half hours of it are just filled to the brim, it really made me think, “wow.”

––Alright then, lastly, why don’t you tell us about some scenes to look out for!

FUKUYAMA There are all sorts of little tidbits crammed into even the musical scenes, I think it’s a film where you can really dig into the corners and layers and keep finding things. For those unfamiliar with Star Driver, it’ll be pure fun. And for those already acquainted with the story, I think it’ll be the kind of movie that’ll make you want to go rewatch them both and compare. Oh and pay special attention to the characters’ clothes! Especially the new clothes Takuto wears in the new parts, with the Star Driver logo on the chest. I wonder, is that going to end up becoming a piece of merchandise? (lol) {Oh FukuJun, u so silly}

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